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Field Advertising Guidelines and Policy

These Field Advertising Guidelines provide Postal ServiceTM policy and procedures for preparing advertising to Postal Service customers.





- Funding

- Menu of Available Messaging Materials

- Access and Customization

Questions and Additional Information


Postmasters and managers who wish to advertise information to Postal Service customers via postcards, letters, fliers, and signs as well as mass media elements (TV, radio, and print) must use authorized Field Advertising materials.

Local, district, or area levels may not design and produce (or have others design and produce) cards, letters, and fliers intended for distribution to customers, as well as interior or exterior signs that may be viewed by customers, without prior approval by the Headquarters manager of Field Advertising.

These guidelines are designed to protect corporate logos, copyrighted or trademarked products and services, and the overall accuracy, integrity, and image of Postal Service communications.


"Field Advertising-Authorized Materials" - A collection of postcards, letters, fliers, and signs as well as mass media elements bearing approved images, logos, and messaging in support of a wide range of Postal Service products, services, and issues. Some of these standard advertising documents may be customized using a "multiple choice" menu of tailored messages, images, and office locations and hours of operation.


Funding - The Headquarters Marketing Department has designated funds for the purpose of field advertising. The Headquarters Marketing Department allocates these funds through the area to support district advertising efforts. The area or district, at its discretion, may allocate additional funds for such use. The Headquarters manager of Field Advertising must approve the Area Advertising Plan for any advertising expenditures. Local promotional initiatives cannot compromise or contradict national campaigns or corporate messaging. The Headquarters manager of Field Advertising provides direction and works with the areas to develop their plans so they are in concert with the Postal Service Corporate Advertising Plan. Local funds that are planned, allocated, and used for advertising and promotional work are carried on Line 39.

Menu of Available Messaging Materials - Postmasters and managers can view the menu of available correspondence and signage tools on the corporate Intranet at; at the top-center of the page, click on Inside USPS; under the "Marketing" section, click on Advertising; under "Advertising Reference" and under "Column 1: Media," click on Field Advertising. Here in the Field Advertising section, all creative material available on MessageMaker is provided for viewing. In MessageMaker, authorized users can select from an array of messaging materials promoting many items, such as an Automated Postal Center® (APC®) and passports, or announcing "Grand Openings" and "Extended Service Hours." Postmasters and managers should make note of the pieces they wish to order and the quantity they need.

Access and Customization - Postmasters and managers can contact their district marketing manager to request these materials. The district marketing manager or designee works with the postmaster or manager to select and customize the materials when customization is available.

The district marketing manager or designee completes PS Form 1357, Request for Computer Access, and submits it for approval to the area. The area office completes PS Form 1357 and forwards it to the Headquarters manager of Field Advertising for final authorization and processing. Once ordered, the materials are produced for the requestor in 2-5 business days.

For other material needed for local messaging, advertising, or promotions that are not available on MessageMaker, requesters must work through their area advertising coordinator and the Headquarters manager of Field Advertising for the development, production, and media placement of any material.

To facilitate the use of Field Advertising-authorized materials, the area advertising coordinator may work with the Headquarters manager of Field Advertising to schedule training sessions for district and area requestors. The training is 1 hour and is offered in a "Webinar" format.

Questions and Additional Information

For more information about this policy or the procedures for obtaining Field Advertising-authorized messaging materials, contact your district marketing manager.

- Advertising and Promotions,
Marketing, 6-9-05

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What's in Store

Summer in the signage

Image of small postersThe Summer/Fall Drive Period begins July 1 and it will take us through the end of FY 2005. Revenue generation is the focus. Your point-of-purchase (POP) kits feature products and services that will help you increase sales in your Post OfficeTM - ReadyPost® shipping supplies, Money Orders, PO Boxes, and insurance. Each Post Office will receive POP signage promoting one or more of these - you'll get a POP kit specifically targeted to your office.

See all the Summer/Fall POP elements on the Advertising Web site at advertising. And remember: Spring POP comes down June 30.


Download a PO Box toolkit

Got any vacant PO Boxes? Consider them open opportunities to increase revenue. Want to tap into that potential? The PO Box Marketing Toolkit can help. It includes resources and information to assist you in managing PO Boxes and creating effective strategies for marketing PO Boxes that are tailored to your customers' needs. It's available online. Go to the Advertising Web site at and download your toolkit. And while you're at the Web site, be sure to check out the PO Box promotional materials that are available through Field Advertising.

Travel season is here

Remind your customers they can apply for passports at the Post Office, and encourage them to pick up a Global FIRSTCLASS PHONECARD® (FCPC) before they travel. All offices that offer passports received a Global FCPC counter card in their Spring Drive Period POP kit. Keep this counter card on display near the passport window through Oct. 31. In addition, locations offering passports received a blue and white passport banner to display outside the office.

Hello Mickey

image of Mickey Mouse small bubble mailerLook for the new Disney ReadyPost products coming out this month. ReadyPost Category 3 offices will receive an automatic product distribution, and offices will be able to reorder for resale in retail lobbies. The ReadyPost Disney decorative products will consist of mailing boxes, bubble mailers, and mailing labels featuring Disney's Mickey Mouse image. The new designs are fun, fresh, and full of energy! The exciting new art is ageless. These images will have a year-round appeal.

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Live, from San Jose!

The Postal ServiceTM is the title partner of eBay Live! 2005, a 3-day conference that attracts eBay users from around the country. This year's event takes place June 23-25 in San Jose, CA. As title partner, the Postal Service will have the largest interactive booth, and Postal Service experts will be on hand to let eBay customers know about all of our quick, easy, and convenient products and shipping solutions. The Postal Service also will hold classes on domestic and international shipping and discuss the "integrated shipping solution" - Postal Service products on eBay and PayPal.

If you can't make it to San Jose, why not hold an eBay Day event in your office? Customers learn how to buy and sell on eBay and ship with the Postal Service. Go to the Advertising Web site at to find out more about eBay Live! and get information about hosting an eBay Day at your office.

And while you're on the Web site, check out the latest information on advertising campaigns, Direct Mail, drive period research, industry news - and much more!


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