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Cast your vote! "We Deliver for You" slogan is Walk of Fame nominee

Postal Workers standing in a line holding up a 'We Deliver For You' bannerHolding the "We Deliver For You" banner and encouraging people to vote for it as the "Best Slogan" are, from left, Special Events Clerks Andra Atkins and Eliza Williams, Postal Ambassadors Brentwood, NY, Letter Carrier Carol Brown and Brooklyn, NY, St. John's Station Manager Kelly Ng.

Letter carriers know that when it rains, it pours. Retail associates will sell no stamp before its time. Our customers will even tell you that a day without the Postal ServiceTM is like a day without sunshine.

And now, Madison Avenue thinks that our "We Deliver for You" slogan is worthy of its Walk of Fame. That's why the slogan has been nominated as one of 26 to compete in the 2005 Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame.

Recently, many of advertising's most recognizable figures, including USPS®, took to the streets of Times Square to promote their slogan.

Special Events Clerks Andra Atkins and Eliza Williams, Postal Ambassadors Brentwood, NY, Letter Carrier Carol Brown, Brooklyn, NY, St. John's Station Manager Kelly Ng and NYC Letter Carrier Javier Gutierrez were hard at work distributing fanny packs stuffed with directions on how to vote for the "We Deliver for You" slogan.

You deserve a break today - go to the Web site at; click on Favorite Slogan Poll; and vote for "We deliver for you." Vote now through Sept. 23.

Building bridges: PMG addresses National Rural Letter Carriers Convention

PMG Potter shaking hands with Minneapolis PDC Maintenance Operations Supervisor Bill ChislerPMG Potter shakes hands with Minneapolis PDC Maintenance Operations Supervisor Bill Chisler during his tour of the facility.

Postmaster General (PMG) Jack Potter was in Minneapolis, MN, recently to address the more than 3,500 attendees of the 101st National Rural Letter Carriers Association (NRLCA) Convention. Potter spoke about the importance of rural letter carriers to the Postal Service and the communities they serve.

Potter encouraged rural carriers to stay engaged in what's going on in the Postal Service and the mailing industry, letting them know they have the opportunity to "help us build the business over the next year."

Potter also took the opportunity to praise outgoing NLRCA President Dale Holton, who is stepping down after this term, and thanked him for his work. The new president is Donnie Pitts.

Afterwards, Potter visited with employees at the Minneapolis and St. Louis Processing and Distribution Centers and toured the facilities.

Now that's service! 96% EXFC score extends service streak

USPS once again reached its all-time high-score of 96% on-time performance for overnight delivery of First-Class Mail® pieces. That makes 10 consecutive quarters with a 95 percent or better External First-Class (EXFC) score. The score - independently measured by IBM Consulting Services - was announced during the Board of Governors meeting in California earlier this month.

Two-day service performance increased two points from last quarter to 92 percent. Three-day, which is carried by air, gained 7 points to finish the quarter at 90 percent on- time delivery.

And with service levels consistently at a record high, it's no surprise our customer satisfaction measurements also are top-notch, finishing at 93 percent for the quarter. This marks the 15th consecutive quarter USPS has earned a 93 percent or better customer satisfaction measurement score.

Open later to serve you better: Extended Retail Hours Plan helps keep USPS competitive

Heard the latest? We're open later to serve you better!USPS is extending hours in selected Post OfficesTM around the country - as late as 7 P.M. on weekdays and 3 P.M. on Saturdays. The message of the Extended Retail Hours Plan is simple: "We're open later to serve you better."

The first locations with extended hours are seeing excellent results. Greater Indiana District increased walk-in revenue by more than $400,000 when eight Indianapolis-area Post Offices began staying open until 7 P.M.

Office hours will be extended at 1,082 Post Offices this year. Offices selected for extended hours handle 30 percent of retail package volume and are located within 5 miles of a competitor's retail store.

Have something to say? USPS is listening: VOE surveys due Aug. 31

Opinions count. Make a difference. Fill out the VOE survey.So, you have something to say? Here's your chance to say it loud and clear. The quarter 4 Voice of the Employee (VOE) survey has been mailed.

The survey is quick, easy and you can do it on the clock. Your feedback is critical to the Postal Service's continued success. Every career employee has an opportunity to take the survey once during the year. So if you haven't gotten one so far, it's your turn to participate.

If you receive one this time around, take the time to fill it out. It only takes about 15 minutes. When it's completed, you can return it to your survey administrator or mail it back yourself in the envelope provided.

Be sure to have your survey in the mail in time to make the Aug. 31 deadline. Make your voice count.

Not for snowbirds only: Premium Forwarding Service affordable, efficient

Premium Forwarding Service - an innovative idea created by USPS for "snowbirds," students and other customers who are on the road for an extended time - is now available. The new forwarding option moves mail to a customer's temporary address once a week for periods of at least 2 weeks and up to 1 year.

The product is priced for ease and convenience - with a flat fee of $10 to sign up and $10 a week for shipping and handling. Under the new service, the Postal Service will use Priority Mail® service to box and reship the forwarded mail.