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FAST Enhancements Released October 23, 2005

Facility Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST) was updated on October 23, 2005, to incorporate many new enhancements. Now, if a facility requests a change to an appointment, the facility will have the ability to schedule, update, or cancel an appointment 1 hour before the appointment time (previously, 8 hours). In addition, many user interfaces now have new features including the ability to input all appointment content onto one page.

For a complete list of the October 23 enhancements, go to RIBBS at; click on FAST/Surface Visibility, then Click Here For Additional Information in the Document Repository.

FAST Response to Hurricane Katrina

Due to Hurricane Katrina, the activation dates for the facilities in the New Orleans Area have been moved indefinitely. The facilities include Houma, Mandeville, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Monroe, and Alexandria. Our thoughts are with those affected by this disaster.

FAST National Deployment Status

FAST is now active in the NY Metro, Northeast, Eastern, Pacific, Southwest, Western Capital Metro, and Great Lakes Areas. Deployment to the Southeast Area commences on October 31. The first phase of FAST national deployment ends November 21, 2005.

Because the name of a facility does not always match that facility's location (city), we made searching FAST by city easier by adding a new column titled, "City Name" to the national deployment schedule.

As the team deploys in new areas, the team adjusts the national deployment schedule (e.g., facilities are added and removed and drop site keys are modified) based on a facility's previous use of the Drop Shipment Appointment System. The deployment schedule is updated weekly on RIBBS; go to and click on FAST/Surface Visibility.

FAST Password Change Required Every 180 Days

Please note that FAST has now been live for over 3 months. In compliance with Postal Service security guidelines, all FAST customers must change their password every 180 days. Please note that cutomers will be unable to access FAST if they have not completed this task and should contact the PostalOne! Customer Care Center at 800-511-9085 or e-mail at immediately if this happens.

Customer Training

The FAST team held the last training session in Louisville, Kentucky, on October 6. Employees interested in having additional training sessions should send an e-mail to

FAST ID Information

To use FAST, mailers, including those who make appointments by telephone, must register for a FAST ID through PostalOne! at Customers who already have a PostalOne! account and need access to FAST must register by calling the PostalOne! Customer Care Center at 800-522-9085. Detailed instructions on the FAST/PostalOne! registration process are available on RIBBS. Once a facility starts scheduling appointments in FAST, it will need a FAST ID to make drop shipments.

Customers must also logon to FAST within 7 days of receiving their IDs. FAST IDs that are not used within 7 days of issue will become inactive and will require a call to the PostalOne! help desk for activation.

Recurring Appointment Submission

All drop shippers who currently have recurring appointments must reapply using PS Form 6241, Recurring Appointment Request, available at forms/allforms.htm; click on PS Form 6241. To submit a request, the customer must first have a scheduler ID. It is recommended that recurring appointment requests be submitted to the Postal ServiceTM 3 weeks before the facility's scheduling start date. FAST deployment schedule posted on RIBBS shows the recommended due dates for recurring appointment request submissions.

— Logistics Systems,
Operations, 10-27-05