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Stamps by Mail — Brochure Ordering Information, New Rate, and FY 2006 Schedule

The next deadline date for ordering Stamps at Your DoorTM (Stamps by Mail® - Stamps Delivered to Your Door) brochures is December 12, 2005. This print run will be for the year-round brochure design and include the new rate stamps. To order brochures, submit PS Form 3227-0, Stamps At Your Door Supply Order (August 2005), to Cyril- Scott Company:

PO BOX 627
LANCASTER OH 43130-0627

Telephone: 800-466-0455
Fax: 740-689-0210

You can find this form at; click on Forms, then select the form by number. A copy of this form appears on page 3.

The cost per unit of 500 is $11.00. This cost includes overprinting the address of the fulfillment office placing the order. You may pay for orders with local IMPAC credit cards, checks, or money orders. However, Cyril-Scott Company cannot process the order until it receives payment. Local ebuy procedures may also apply (refer to local procurement procedures).

Postal ServiceTM Headquarters has funded a national procurement for the December 12 print run for 5 million brochures for the Stamps by Mail centralized processing sites. The distribution amount for each site is available by referencing column K (5MM) of the centralized site address spreadsheet. These quantities are based on revenue generated by site. No local order placement is required to receive brochures from this distribution. However, centralized sites may order additional quantities from Cyril-Scott Company from local funds by following the ordering instructions contained within this article.

All other local Post OfficesTM should follow the ordering instructions contained within this article and utilize local funds.

Special New Rate Print Run

Our goal is to provide quick, easy, and convenient methods for our customers to purchase stamps. To assist in reaching this goal and to ensure there is no interruption in the Stamps by Mail service, a special print run for the new rate stamp brochures took place November 14, 2005. Funds have been provided for the brochures to be distributed as follows:

• Two million brochures for the centralized sites (50 national computerized processing sites). Individual site carton counts are based on the column H distribution on the centralized site spreadsheet.

• Two million brochures distributed among the decentralized sites (local Post Offices, stations, and branches) that placed orders for the October 3, 2005 print run. These sites will receive approximately 15% of the quantities ordered in October.

Local Post Offices and centralized Stamps by Mail sites will automatically receive distributions from the November print run, starting on December 1, 2005, and ending by December 24, 2005.

Additional orders will be automatically filled from the December 12 print run.

Stamps by Mail order forms with the old rates must not be used after the rate change. Ensure that old forms are removed.

After the rate change, customers who submit an order paid according to the old rates should have their orders fulfilled with new stamps equal to their payments. Their order should be sent with the letter provided below:

Dear Stamps by Mail Customer:

The Postal Service has changed its rates and fees for all classes of mail and services, effective January 8, 2006.

We have received your Stamps by Mail order; however, you placed your order using an old form. Rather than return your order unfulfilled, we have sent you the value of new stamps equal to your payment. We are also enclosing an order form with the new rates. If you need to place another order, please use the enclosed order form.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope you continue to use our Stamps by Mail program.


Print Run Schedule for FY 2006

The remaining print run cut-off dates for FY 2006 are given below.

These print runs are for year-round brochures:

January 30, 2006

March 27, 2006

June 5, 2006

July 10, 2006

These print runs are for holiday brochures:

September 11, 2006

October 2, 2006 (FY 2007)

With any print run, the Cyril-Scott Company will deliver orders within 35 calendar days after printing. Printing begins 1 week after the cut-off date. Receipt of the order will depend on the ultimate destination and the corresponding delivery service standard. You should save copies of all orders placed until the order has been received. Please ensure procedures are in effect locally for proper verification of receipt.

Stamps at Your Door remains a popular stamp purchase option for both business and residential customers. Please ensure you order sufficient quantities to fulfill your customers' needs.

— Retail Marketing,
Customer Service, 12-8-05

PS Form 3227-O, February 2005 - Stamps At Your Door Supply Order.

What's in Store

POP base kits are coming

Start the new year with a fresh look. New point-of-purchase (POP) base kits will arrive the week after Christmas with promotional elements for display Jan. 1 through June 30. This kicks off a new signage strategy that's designed to drive revenue increases for retail by delivering targeted messages for key products. And it's aimed at helping each Post OfficeTM grab customers' attention while creating a clean, clutter-free retail environment.

What's in a base kit? It includes a stamps element (counter mat or poster), holiday closing sign, segmented menuboard (small business and residential), and a FIRST-CLASS PHONECARD® insert. Some offices may receive either a Package Services poster or a counter mat featuring Priority Mail® service with Delivery ConfirmationTM service and Insurance.

Post Offices will receive a new base kit every 6 months - not every 3-4 months like previous drive periods. There will be fewer but more targeted POP elements in the kits. Additional promotional materials - like standees - will be distributed throughout the year.

New menuboard hardware is also available for kits 1 and 2. Check your POP kit for information on how to place an order for the hardware, at no expense to your location. This offer ends Jan. 31.

Go to to learn more about base kits and the new POP elements.

New rate change/continuity kits

New rates and fees go into effect on Jan. 8. Post Offices will receive rate change/continuity kits by Jan. 3. The kits will include menuboards, an extra services writing table decal, and a self-service poster - all updated with the new rates. A holiday sale decal, a continuity POP catalog, and a POP removal guide that is part of the retail standardization effort are also included.

Registers will be ringing (with snowman phonecards)

snowman phone cardFIRST-CLASS PHONECARDS® deliver satisfied customers and revenue for your office, especially during the holidays. Let your customers know they will save 25 percent when they buy the holiday multipack, which includes four 100-minute domestic phone cards. Be sure to display FIRST-CLASS PHONECARDS prominently, and restock regularly to drive sales ever upward. They make great gifts and convenient stocking stuffers too.


APC decal "also in Spanish"

If your Post Office has an Automated Postal Center® (APC®), it should be displaying its new signage, including the floor graphics. An additional element has been distributed - a decal to let customers know the APC now communicates both in English and Spanish. Directions on placement are included with the decal.

Have you registered?

The retail standardization initiative is about maximizing revenue and keeping customers coming back to your Post Office. Download your custom "Team Makeover: Post Office Edition" training course, and register your office at, or order the retail standardization kit and registration form by calling 800-711-0428. Follow the voice prompts to "In-Store Signage", then to "Continuity POP", and request kit #42
(PSN: 7530-08-000-1984).


Send comments and questions to:

WASHINGTON DC 20260-1019

retail employee bulletin
Holiday '05 Retail Drive Period
11/1/05 - 12/31/05

Pack on Pounds of Revenue
Fill your customers' plates with tasty philatelic offerings! The Holiday Cookie Planner is a gift the entire family can enjoy. It's filled with treats such as a stamp ornament, cookie ornament gift tags, jumbo postcards with Grandma's favorite holiday cookie recipes, and 20 Holiday Cookie stamps! There are also Gift and To-Do Lists to keep everyone organized -and it's only $14.95.

For those looking for a unique gift, suggest The 2005 Commemorative Yearbook. It includes not only this year's 139 commemorative stamps, but also illustrations and the stories behind them. The book sells for $64.95 (the stamps alone have a postage value of $51.43) and is a great gift for any lover of history or Americana. Combine that present with The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps ($19.95) for a stamp collector's dream. It's the 32nd edition of this philatelic favorite depicting nearly 4,000 U.S. stamps issuedsince 1847. To order these smart gift ideas for your office, contact your Stamp Distribution Office (SDO) today!

Insure Extra Peace of Mind
Through self-service outlets, customers can now purchase up to $500 in Insurance on their parcels. The previous maximum at an APC®, online with Click-N-Ship® service, and on eBay® was $200. Inform your customers about this new time-saving and convenient option.

Express Mail service shippers automatically receive $100 of Insurance at no extra charge. It's important for customers to realie this can be increased to insure the full amount of their parcel .Help your customers enjoy extra peace of mind when shipping this holiday.

ReadyPost Standardization Quick Tips for Fast ResuIts
The holidays are here, and so are ReadyPost® opportunities! In late December and early January, Category 3 offices will be receiving a ReadyPost Standardization Quick Tips Sheet to help boost ReadyPost results. These tips are based on revenue-building principles and will help your location increase sales. Here are just a few:

  • Spend just 15 minutes a day stocking and straightening your display to make it easier for customers to find what they need.
  • Remove damaged product from the display to ensure that customers can always find quality merchandise.
  • Recommend ReadyPost when a customer uses any package service to expand the customers' choices in packaging supplies.

Ensure your ReadyPost display is located so customers see it before the complimentary packaging supplies.

Display these helpful tips on the employee bulletin board. Put this helpful resource to work for you!

image of a Post Office display rack

 Whats In store Calendar:visit to access the Retail Intranet site