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Handbook F-15, Travel and Relocation

Effective January 1, 2006, Handbook F-15, Travel and Relocation, was revised to reflect reimbursement rates for travel and relocation. These rates also apply to bargaining unit relocation benefits under Handbook F-12, Relocation Policy.

Handbook F-15, Travel and Relocation

* * * * *

Appendix A Rates

A-1 Standard Mileage Rates

A-1.1 Mileage Rates

[Revise A-1.1 to read as follows:]

Vehicle Cents per mile
(Including Alaska)
Privately owned automobile $0.445
Privately owned motorcycle $0.305
Privately owned airplane $1.070




A-1.2 Reimbursement for Postal Service Supervisors

[Revise the first sentence of A-1.2 to read as follows:]

Postal Service supervisors (see 5- will be reimbursed at the rate of $6.00 per day or 44.5 cents per mile, whichever is greater, when a privately owned vehicle is used.***

* * * * *

We will incorporate these revisions into the next printed edition of Handbook F-15 and into the next online update available on the Postal ServiceTM PolicyNet Web site.

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• Under "Essential Links" in the left-hand column, click on References.

• Under "References" in the right-hand column, under "Policies," click on PolicyNet.

• Then click on HBKs.

(The direct URL for the Postal Service PolicyNet Web site is

—National Accounting,
Finance, 1-19-06


Internal Control Process Diagrams

Postal ServiceTM management is responsible for establishing and maintaining internal control to achieve the following objectives:

• Effective and efficient operations.

• Reliable financial reporting.

• Compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Management will consistently apply the internal control standards to meet each of the internal control objectives and to assess internal control effectiveness.

The Internal Control Group (ICG) operates as an internal consultant for enterprise risk management, assisting management in proactively improving processes towards a more performance-based culture. Internal Control analysts partner with management at the performance cluster, area, and national levels to identify through analysis, risk assessment, and review those internal controls that may keep Postal Service goals from being achieved.

As a result of these partnerships, the ICG, along with several of their partners in several other Postal Service organizations, documented various processes and developed reviews. You may use process diagrams (flow charts) and the actual reviews with work steps to assess - and improve - current practices in your office. These tools are available on the Internal Control Web site on the Postal Service Intranet:

• Go to

• Click on the Inside USPS tab.

• Under "Other," click on Internal Control Group.

• Click on Process Improvement, and then Process Index.

You may send questions via e-mail to Webmaster-ICBlue.

The direct URL is

Process Category Description Process Diagram Number Process Diagram Name
Stamp Stock Accountability: Small Post Office Reporting Tool (SPORT), Money Order Voucher Entry System (MOVES), and Integrated Retail Terminal (IRT) Offices 1000-1 SSA Stamp Stock Requisition
Stamp Stock Accountability:Small Post Office Reporting Tool (SPORT) 1000-2 Replenishment of Unit Reserve
Stamp Stock Accountability:Small Post Office Reporting Tool (SPOR 1000-3 Stamp Credit Exam
Stamp Stock Accountability/Segmented Inventory Accountability (SIA) Office 2000-1 SIA Retail Floor Stock Replenishment
SIA 2000-2 SIA Unit Cash Reserve
SIA 2000-3 SIA Cash Count
SIA 2000-4 SIA Retail Floor Stock Count
SIA 2000-5 SIA Unit Reserve Stock Count
SIA 2000-6 Security of Postal Store
SIA 2000-7 Unit Reserve Stock Management
SIA 2000-8 SIA Segment Count
SIA 2000-9 Retail Transaction Control
SIA 2000-10 Forms Control
Money Orders 3000-1 Overview of Money Order Trail
Money Orders 3000-2 Management Controls
Money Orders 3000-3 Replenishment of Money Orders
Money Orders 3000-4 Money Order Transactions
Money Orders 3000-5 Money Order Sales
Money Orders 3000-6 Money Order Replacement
Money Orders 3000-7 Bank Secrecy Act Requirements
Money Orders 3000-8 Cashing Money Orders
Money Orders 3000-9 Money Order Reconciliation
Money Orders 3000-10 Money Order Post Audit Research
Contract Units 4000-1 CPU Accountability Audit
Asset Security 5000-1 Asset Security
Customs/Collect on Delivery 6000-1 Customs Handling
Customs/Collect on Delivery 6000-2 Customs Duty Refunds
Customs/Collect on Delivery 6000-3 COD Handling
Customs/Collect on Delivery 6000-4 COD Acceptance and Claim
Windows Operations/Retail 7000-1 Opening Retail Window Operations
Windows Operations/Retail 7000-2 Closing Retail Window Operations
Windows Operations/Retail 7000-3 Window Security
Disbursements 8000-1 eBuy Purchase Request
Disbursements 8000-2 Adding Excess to eBuy
Disbursements 8000-3 IMPAC Oversight
Disbursements 8000-4 IMPAC Purchase
Disbursements 8000-5 IMPAC Reconciliation
Disbursements 8000-6 Voyager Card
Disbursements 8000-7 Contract Cleaning Service
Disbursements 8000-8 Contract Nurse Payment
Disbursements 8000-9 Refund of Retail Services
Disbursements 8000-10 Refund of Advanced Deposit
Disbursements 8000-11 eTravel EAS and Bargaining Unit
Disbursements 8000-12 Travel Reimbursement via Web Alias
Disbursements 8000-13 PS Form 1164-A Process
Disbursements 8000-14 Carrie Drive Out Agreements
Post Office Box and Caller Service 9000-1 Obtain PO Box or Caller Service
Post Office Box and Caller Service 9000-2 Closing PO Box Service
Payroll 10000 Process flow chart is not available. For assistance, you may access the actual review with work steps.
Express Mail 11000-1 Express Mail Acceptance
Express Mail 11000-2 Express Mail Delivery
Vending 12000 Process flow chart is not available. For assistance, you may access the actual review with work steps.
Registered Mail 50000-1 Registry Coordinator Responsibility
Registered Mail 50000-2 Incoming Registry Articles
Registered Mail 50000-3 Incoming Registry Bank Remits
Automated Postal Data Center 52000-1 APC Stamp Stock Replenishment
Automated Postal Data Center 52000-2 APC Credit Exam
Automated Postal Data Center 52000-3 APC Service & Maintenance
Automated Postal Data Center 52000-4 APC Refunds & Exchanges
Hiring Suitability 53000-1 Hiring Suitability
Maintenance Plant Automation Equipment 54000-1 Maintenance Flowchart A
Maintenance Plant Automation Equipment 54000-2 Maintenance Flowchart B
Trust Fund Reconciliation 56000 Process flow chart is not available. For assistance, you may access the actual review with work steps.
Statistical Programs 57000-1 Statistical Program
Stamp Stock Storage and Inventory 59000 Process flow chart is not available. You may access the actual review with work steps.
Collections 60000-1 Collections
Aviation Mail Security 62000-1 This review and its flowchart is restricted information and can only be accessed through the Internal Control Reporting System.
010 Operation-Cancellation 64000 Process flow chart is not available. You may access the actual review with work steps.
Delivery Point Sequence (DPS) 65000 Process flow chart is not available. You may access the actual review with work steps.
Volume Integrity and Delivery Operations Information System (DOIS) Utilization 66000 Process flow chart is not available. You may access the actual review with work steps.
Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) 90000-1 BMEU Administrative Functions #1
BMEU 90000-2 BMEU Administrative Functions #2
BMEU 90000-3 BMEU MERLIN Acceptance 1
BMEU 90000-4 BMEU 1 Pass/2 Pass Acceptance
Detached Mail Unit (DMU) 91000-1 BMEU Administrative Functions #1
BMEU 91000-2 BMEU Administrative Functions #2
BMEU 91000-3 BMEU Plant Load
BMEU 91000-4 Detached Mail Unit
BMEU 91000-5 BMEU 1 Pass/2 Pass Acceptance
BMEU 91000-6 Optional Procedures at DMU
BMEU 91000-7 Manifest Mail System DMU
BMEU 91000-8 Merlin Acceptance DMU
Postage Payment Systems 92000-1 BMEU Administrative Functions 1
Postage Payment Systems 92000-2 BMEU Administrative Functions 2
Postage Payment Systems 92000-3 BMEU Merlin Acceptance 1
Postage Payment Systems 92000-4 BMEU SAVE Acceptance (Automation)
Postage Payment Systems 92000-5 BMEU 1 Pass/2 Pass Acceptance
Presort House Operations 93000-1 BMEU Administrative Functions 1
Presort House Operations 93000-2 BMEU Administrative Functions 2
Presort House Operations 93000-3 BMEU Plant Load
Presort House Operations 93000-4 BMEU Presort House Operations - Combined Mailing/Value Added Refunds
Presort House Operations 93000-5 BMEU Presort House Operations with SAVE/Value Added Refunds
Value Added Refunds (VAR) 94000-1 BMEU Administrative Functions 2
VAR 94000-2 BMEU Presort House Operations with SAVE/Value Added Refunds
VAR 94000-3 BMEU Presort House Operations (Combined Mailing/Value Added Refunds)
Business Reply Mail 97000-1 Process flow chart is not available. For assistance, you may access the actual review with work steps.

—Internal Control Group, Finance, 1-19-06


2006 Rate Increase Affects Sales of International Reply Coupons

The article "New IRC Procedures: 2006 Rate Increase Affects Sales of International Reply Coupons" published in Postal Bulletin 22170 (12-22-05, page 42) stated that effective January 8, 2006, the new rate for international reply coupons (IRCs) is $1.85. Until the new IRCs are available, Post OfficesTM stations, and branches will continue to sell $1.75 international reply coupon and will add a 10-cent stamp to the IRC.

Offices must sell the $1.75 IRC and 10-cent stamp separately.

—Revenue and Field Accounting,
Finance, 1-19-06


Annual Vending Machine Income Report Due Soon

A summary of vending machine income sharing and other activities related to the Randolph-Sheppard Act Amendments of 1974 is required for fiscal year 2005 (October 1, 2004, through September 30, 2005). This report (see page20) complies with an annual request from the Department of Education and Handbook EL-602, Food Service Operations, 441.3.

The report covers proceeds and/or commissions of every Postal ServiceTM installation with even a single coin- operated vending machine (stamp machines excepted) selling snacks, drinks, food, or tobacco. Postmasters, installation heads, lead plant and district managers, and district Human Resources and Headquarters field unit managers must prepare or consolidate and send reports as described below by the dates shown.

By January 31, 2006 - All Postmasters and Installation Heads

Send final reports to the processing and distribution lead plant or Customer Service and Sales district level manager. Postmasters must send consolidated reports to appropriate managers (see format for reporting vending machine income provided) including proceeds and/or commissions from vending machines at their branches and stations.

By February 17, 2006 - Lead Plant and District Managers

Consolidate reports by state and forward them to district Human Resources managers.

By March 3, 2006 - District Human Resources Managers and Headquarters Field Unit Managers

Send consolidated reports, summarized by state, to this address:

WASHINGTON DC 20260-4261

—Personnel Operations Support,
Resource Management, 1-19-06

Vending Machine Income form.