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Frequently Asked Questions on Ordering Expedited Package Supplies for Post Offices

What is the packaging supplies program?

The Postal ServiceTM provides expedited packaging supplies for Express Mail® and Priority Mail® services. These premier services promote the Postal Service brand, position our services against those of our competitors, justify price, and motivate customer choice at retail counters. Expedited packaging delivers a benefit to the customer and provides value. The packaging program is an important Postal Service marketing tool. Equally important is controlling the cost of using the tool.

What standard packaging can I order through eBuy?

Standard packaging offers 41 different supplies that incorporate envelopes, boxes, tubes, address or mailing labels, tape and stickers for Express Mail, Priority Mail, and Global Delivery® services. The Postal Service has created standard packaging supplies to meet the needs of most customers.

Why do I need to order my expedited supplies through eBuy?

One of our corporate goals is the Web-based ordering system eBuy. eBuy is a reliable and easy-to-use system that provides automated reconciliations to improve internal controls over orders. eBuy provides employees with Web access to a fully integrated electronic requisitioning, approval workflow, automated invoice certification, and reconciliation report process.

What is the Web site URL to order packaging supplies?

What are the benefits for ordering my supplies through eBuy?

The benefits of using eBuy for ordering expedited package supplies include lower operating and administrative costs through automation of the ordering process.

How do I order supplies on eBuy?

You will need a User ID and password. eBuy can be used by any Postal Service employee or contractor who is authorized to purchase from the defined catalogs. Every user must have his or her User ID and password. To obtain a User ID and password, complete a PS Form 1357, Request for Computer Access, and forward it to your administrative point of contact for eBuy. A list of administrative points of contacts and access to an electronic PS Form 1357 are available from the Support link at the top of any eBuy Web page.

What happens if I do not receive my order?

You need to contact the fulfillment house at 800-610-8734.

What do I do if my office does not have Internet access?

Follow the current process which is to order through the Material Distribution Center.

What if I have forgotten my password for eBuy?

Contact the Help Desk at 800-877-7435 (say "eBuy" when prompted). Send an e-mail to the help desk (using "Forget Your Password" link on the eBuy login page). Contact your administrative point of contact for eBuy.

— Product Development,
Marketing, 2-16-06