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Earnings Statements for Rural Carriers

Effective Pay Period 07-06 (checks dated April 7, 2006), earnings statements (PS Forms 1223-A, Earnings Statement, and 1223-B, Earnings Statement - Net to Bank) will include new codes to identify second-trip time for rural carriers.

The following description applies to the DETAIL EARNINGS portion of the earnings statement:

WK Week 1 or Week 2 information
RSC/LEV Route type and route number
RATE Annual salary for the employee or the equipment maintenance allowance (EMA) amount
Code Designation and activity code or the EMA code with the evaluated hours of the route
TYP Type of work/pay
C Christmas work
F DACA Code 3
H Holiday worked
L Leave
O Overtime
W Paid work hours
X X day taken
2 Second trip
T EMA trip
H EMA hours
M EMA miles
Based on TYP Code or EMA Data
C Evaluated hours of the route
F Evaluated hours of the route
H 8 hours for each holiday worked
L 8 hours for each day of leave
O OT hours
W Total evaluated hours for the week or actual work hours
X 8 hours for each X day taken
2 Second trip time in hours and hundredths (Minutes from PS Form 1314 converted into hours and hundredths)
Pay Gross amount based on the TYP Code
C 150% of the daily evaluated pay
F 50% of the daily evaluated pay
H One day's evaluated pay
L One day's evaluated pay for each day of leave
O Gross amount for OT
W One day's evaluated pay for each day worked and for each X day
X X day displays no gross, dollars included in Code W for the week
2 Dollars for second trip, dollars are included in TYP W
T Dollars for EMA trip, dollars include any miles deviation
H Dollars for EMA hours for auxiliary route or auxiliary assistance
M Dollars for EMA miles for auxiliary route or auxiliary assistance

X day balance displays the number of days the carrier has left to use.

In the following example, the carrier is on a 48 K route, with a daily evaluation of 9.6 hours. The carrier receives a daily Lock Pouch amount for each day worked. Thirty minutes were entered on PS Form 1314, Regular Rural Carrier Time Certificate, for PS Form 8127, Rural Carrier Supplemental Payment, time.

See PS Form 1314 and the earnings statement for the regular and replacement carrier for route K013.

PS Form 1314, Regular Rural Carrier Time Certificate

PS Form 1314, Regular Rural Carrier Time Certificate.

Regular Carrier's Earnings Statement (Facsimile)

Regular Earnings Statement.

Detailed Description

Line 1 Wk 2, TYP X - 3 X days were charged. 8 hours for each day. No gross is displayed under PAY. Dollars are included in TYP W.
Line 2 Wk 2, TYP W - Payment for 4 days evaluated pay (1 work day and 3 X days).
Line 3 Wk 1, TYP 2 - Second trip, payment for 22 hundredths (13 minutes). The gross is included in TYP W.
Line 4 Wk 1, TYP F - DACA code 3, payment for 50% of evaluated pay.
Line 5 Wk 1, TYP W - Payment for 5 work days evaluated pay and $6.31 for second trip.
Line 6 TYP L - Leave is for the pay period. One day of sick leave charged for the pay period.
Line 7 LPA Lock pouch allowance.
Line 8 ADJ Adjustment is for 30 minutes of PS Form 8127 time recorded on PS Form 1314. This is paid at the national average minute rate.
Line 9 Insurance Income Taxable income on employer provided term life insurance in excess of $50,000.
Line 10 X Day Balance Number of X days left to use.
Line 11 Wk 2, TYP T EMA, Paid for 3 trips.
Line 12 Wk 1, TYP T EMA, Paid for 6 trips (Worked relief day on Saturday) and includes the 2 miles for route deviation.
Line 13 blank Earnings statement messages are located in this section.

Leave Status

Leave is shown in days and hundredths. An hour of leave is .125. The last digit is not displayed on the earnings statement. The carrier has 3.125 hours or 25 hours of annual leave in the previous year. The annual leave balance is 6.750 or 54 hours. The sick leave balance is 31.375 or 251 hours.

MISC stands for miscellaneous and is printed under the EM-E field. There are more deductions taken out but not enough space to list them individually. The entire amount is lumped under miscellaneous. The payroll journal has every deduction listed on the report.

Earnings Statement for the Replacement Carrier (Facsimile)

Replacement Earnings Statement.

—Payroll Policy and Integration, Controller, 4-27-06

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