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How to Return Vending Machine Parts

For used parts from existing equipment, return the re- usable or repairable parts removed from machines to the Material Distribution Center (MDC) via the Central Repair Facility (CRF) NRFI Return Process for Returning Repairable Items. For information on the return process, go to, enter "MMO-026-01" in the Search box, select "Only Bulletins-MMO" from the drop- down box, then click Submit. For more current return instructions, go to the CRF Web site at; click on Main Directory, then ERP Frequently Asked Questions, then Click here to view the SOP.

Note: Pay particular attention to item #13, which states: "Check the `Do not generate a one-for-one replacement' box if you do not want TMDC to automatically send a replacement for the item being returned. This option will be available only if the item is coded as a one-for-one item."

For new parts currently in stock at warehouses, return them to the MDC using the Web-based return authorization system available to all sites with Intranet access. With your browser open, type in emdims-webra. Enter your FEDSTRIP number and the PSN of the items to be returned. For more details on return authorization, see "Hot" News #107 at

— Retail Service Equipment,
Delivery and Retail, 5-25-06