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PS Form 1013, Transportation Ticketing Authorization

PS Form 1013, Transportation Ticketing Authorization, May 2006, has been revised. The changes to the form are as follows:

• The Social Security number (SSN) was replaced with the employee identification number (EIN). This change will protect the Postal ServiceTM traveler's privacy and allow for online booking using centrally billed cards. The EIN will replace the SSN on PS Form 1013 for travel after June 18, 2006.

• A field was added to identify the purpose of travel. Nonbargaining travelers are not allowed to use the centrally billed travel card unless their individually billed card enrollment form has been recently sent to the card provider and card activation is not possible before the travel date. In addition to the purpose, nonbargaining travelers must provide the date their individually billed travel card enrollment was sent to the card provider.

• The Sub-Location Code was replaced with HQ/Area/District. The office issuing the ticket must complete the name of the facility issuing the ticket. The name of the facility helps the booking agent charge the correct centrally billed account.

If the office is a... Then enter...
Headquarters organization Headquarters
Field unit Name of field unit (e.g., IBSSC)
Area office Name of area (e.g., Eastern)
District office Name of district (e.g., Pittsburgh)

PS Form 1013 is available on the Postal Service Intranet:

• Go to

• Under "Essential Links" in the left-hand column, under "Policies," click on Forms.

(The direct URL for the Forms Web page is

This form appears below.

— National Accounting,
Finance, 5-25-06

PS Form 1013, Transportation Ticketing Authorization Coprorate Travel Account (CTA).