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Supply Management


Functional Realignment of Chicago, Memphis, San Francisco, and Windsor Purchasing Service Centers

On January 17, 2006, the Chicago, Memphis, San Francisco, and Windsor Purchasing Service Centers (PSCs) transitioned into two services Category Management Centers (CMCs). This transition allows functional alignment within Supply Management. The newly formed CMCs consist of two offices and will operate from four locations.

The realignment is as follows:

Old Office Name New Office Name
Purchasing Service Center - Memphis, TN
Purchasing Service Center - Windsor, CT
Eastern Services Category Management Center (ESCMC) - Memphis, TN and Windsor, CT
Purchasing Service Center - Chicago, IL
Purchasing Service Center - San Francisco, CA
Western Services Category Management Center (WSCMC) - Chicago, IL andSan Francisco, CA

This realignment allows the newly formed CMCs to apply supply chain management techniques in order to strategically manage and source commodities formerly administered by the four PSCs. The result is the consolidation of contracts and suppliers, the ability to leverage spending, and the reduction in overall costs for the Postal ServiceTM. The CMCs will continue to provide tactical one-time purchases and customer support for the areas they previously serviced. The contract categories assigned to the two new CMCs are as follows:

Eastern Services Memphis, TN, and Windsor, CT Areas of Responsibility Western Services Chicago, IL, and
San Francisco, CA
Areas of Responsibility
Total Waste Management (Trash Removal and Recycling) National Landscaping Services National
Building Operation Services
(HVAC and Water Treatment)
National Snow Removal Services National
Food Services National Cleaning and Janitorial Services Areas Serviced:
Great Lakes
Miscellaneous Services and Supplies Areas Serviced: Southeast
Capital Metro
New York Metro
Miscellaneous Services and Supplies Areas Serviced:
Great Lakes
blank blank Postal Training and Housing Facilities NCED, Norman, OK, and William F. Bolger, Potomac, MD
Transactional Support Supplies and Facilities Portfolios Transactional Support Services and Mail Equipment Portfolios

These changes will be reflected in the eBuy routing process.

— Services Portfolio, Supply Management, 6-8-06


First Aid Kits Available Now on eBuy

First aid kits from DLH, Inc., can now be conveniently ordered through the Postal Service'sTM national contract with OfficeMax Government Solutions* (see poster on next page). Using the eBuy online catalog for office supplies to order the items listed below will result in better pricing and faster delivery. Prices shown include delivery.

# eBuy Catalog Item # Brief Description USPS Price
1 W3ERS100USPS Kit, Facility, Navy Blue $72.00
2 W3ERS200USPS Kit, Postal, Police, Navy $45.33
3 W3ERS300VUSPS Kit, Postal, Vehicle, Red $52.00
4 W3ERS101-5 Kit, Breathing, Pack, Blue $8.50
5 W3ERS103-5 Kit, Advanced, Shock Pack, Gold $7.00
6 W3ERS104-5 Kit, Head & Spine, Pack, Green $6.50
7 W3ERS106-5 Kit, Eye Pack, Navy Blue $8.50
8 W3ERS107-5 Kit, Burn Pack, Orange $6.50
9 W3ERS108-5 Kit, Bites & Sting, Pack, Magenta $7.00
10 W3ERS112-5 Kit, Adv Bleed, Pack, Red $8.00
11 W3ERS115-5 Kit, Bone Pack, Brown $8.00
12 W3ERS119-5 Kit, Adv Extras, Pack, Gray $9.50
13 W3ERS113 Wall Mounting Bracket $21.60
14 W3ERS120 Protective Clothing Pack $15.75
15 W3ERS121 Clean Up Pack $18.75
16 W3ERS400 Employee CPR Pack (5 Pack) $35.00

The first three items (1-3) on the list are intelligentFirstAidTM emergency kits designed for postal facilities, postal police, and postal vehicles. Each of these kits contains between four and nine component kits for specialized care of specific injuries along with proper medical guidance instructions. The following nine items (4-12) are component packs. Item 13 is a wall bracket for mounting first aid kits. Items 14 and 15 are blood-borne pathogen packs. And the last item listed (16) is an employee belt pack for immediate access to vital CPR supplies. For more information and detailed descriptions on the DLH kits, refer to Material Logistics Bulletin MLB-CO-03-008 at, or call OfficeMax Government Solutions Customer Service at 888-229-USPS.

To quickly locate the items in the eBuy catalog for office supplies, search for "W3ER."

* OfficeMax Government Solutions is the new name for the Postal Service's national supplier of office products formerly known as BCOP Federal and Boise Cascade Office Products.

— SCM Strategies, Supply Management, 6-8-06

First aid kits from DLH, Inc., now available on eBuy.

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