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Occupational Safety and Health Programs

The article "ELM Revision: Occupational Safety and Health Programs," in Postal Bulletin 22189 (9-14-06, pages 19-20) contains incorrect information. The first paragraph of ELM 822.12, "Reporting Requirements for Installation Heads" is incorrect. The correct text of ELM 822.12 is printed below.

Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM)

* * * * *

8 Safety and Health

* * * * *

820 Reports and Investigations, Program Evaluations, and Inspections

* * * * *

822 Supplementary Actions in the Event of Serious Accidents, Including Fatalities

822.1 Reporting Serious Accidents

* * * * *

822.12 Reporting Requirements for Installation Heads

[Revise text to read as follows:]

The reporting requirements for installation heads are as follows:

a. The installation head must report all serious accidents to the performance cluster district manager by COB the day of the accident.

b. The installation head, after consultation with the servicing safety office, must report orally (by telephone or in person) to the nearest OSHA area office within 8 hours the following:

(1) Any accident that is fatal to one or more employees.

Note: Employers must report all fatal heart attacks occurring in the work environment, whether OSHA recordable or not (OSHA 1904.39(b)(5)).

(2) Any accident that results in in-patient hospitalization of three or more employees.

(3) Any fatality or hospitalization of three or more employees that occurs within 30 days of an accident.

c. The report to OSHA should relate the following information:

(1) Name of the establishment.

(2) Location of the incident.

(3) Time of the incident.

(4) Number of fatalities or hospitalized employees.

(5) Names of any injured employees.

(6) Postal Service contact person and his or her telephone number.

(7) Brief description of the incident.

d. The installation head is not required to report:

(1) Motor vehicle accidents that occur in public streets, except those in construction work zones (OSHA 1904.39(b)(3)).

(2) Commercial airplane, train, subway, or bus accidents (OSHA 1904.39(b)(4)).

e. The installation head must provide records within 4 business hours to an OSHA compliance officer who requests them (OSHA 1904.40(a)).

f. The installation head must promptly report to the appropriate union:

(1) Any employee fatality.

(2) Any serious industrial, noncriminal accident or injury.

* * * * *

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— Safety and Environmental Performance Management,
Employee Resource Management, 9-28-06