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Special Cancellation Die Hubs

Postmasters and plant managers who have any of the special cancellation die hubs listed below may use them for the periods designated. At the end of the period, these die hubs must be withdrawn and stored. Postmasters and plant managers who do not have these special die hubs may not request them from the sponsors.
Cancellation Period of Use
Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires April 1-Oct. 31
Peace Corps Anniversary, Making a Difference Sept. 1-Oct. 31
Employ People With Disabilities Sept. 1-Nov. 30
Give to the United Way Sept. 15-Nov. 15
Learn About Lupus, October Is Lupus Awareness Month Oct. 1-Oct. 31
Radon Action Week, Protect Your Family, Test Your Oct. 1-Oct. 31
Support Infection Control Week Oct. 1-Nov. 30
Help Retarded Children Nov. 1-Nov. 30
Military Families Recognition Day Nov. 1-Nov. 30
National Adoption Month Nov. 1-Nov. 30
National Philanthropy Day, Love of Humankind Nov. 1-Nov. 30
Use Christmas Seals, Support Your Lung Association Nov. 8-Dec. 31
Support American Education Week Nov. 10-Nov. 30
Autistic Children, Hope Through Research and Education Dec. 1-Dec. 31

— Mailing Standards, Pricing and Classification, 10-26-06

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