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Commercial Vehicle Rentals Procedure Revision

Effective November 1, 2006, the Administrative Support Manual (ASM) is revised to allow short-duration vehicle renting (not to exceed 89 days) under local buying authority. In addition, rental payment is now authorized through the use of the I.M.P.A.C. purchase expense credit card.

See related article on page 2 of this Postal Bulletin.

Administrative Support Manual (ASM)

* * * * *

7 Supply Management

* * * * *

72 Purchasing

* * * * *

722 Local Buying Authority

* * * * *

722.3 Prohibited and Restricted Purchases

722.31 Prohibited Purchases

Do not use local buying authority to obtain the following:

* * * * *

[Revise item f to read as follows:]

f. Services or products for which more formal contracting procedures apply. Contact the appropriate Supply Management organization for information concerning contract postal units (CPUs), food services, and vehicle leasing. For CPUs, contact the Category Management Center (CMC) in Denver. For food services, contact the Eastern Services Category Management Center in Memphis. For long-term (89 days or longer) leasing of delivery and PVS vehicles, contact the Philadelphia CMC. For policies concerning all short-duration (less than 90 days) vehicle rentals, long-term delivery and PVS vehicle leasing, and GSA vehicle leases, refer to:

Note: Short-duration vehicle renting required for special events, administrative and delivery purposes, not exceeding 89 days in duration and under $10,000, is allowed under local buying authority and use of the I.M.P.A.C. purchase expense credit card for payment is authorized.

* * * * *

We will incorporate this revision into the next printed edition of the ASM and into the next update of the online version accessible on the Postal Service™ PolicyNet Web site.

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• Under "References" in the right-hand column, under "Policies," click on PolicyNet.

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Supply Management, 10-26-06