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PostalOne! Is Teaming Up Online To Move Business Forward

Now it's easier than ever for companies of all sizes to use the power of business mail with a PostalOne!® account. PostalOne! electronically links mailers and the U.S. Postal Service® through a suite of online tools which streamline business mailings.

Save Time and Money

PostalOne! reduces time-consuming paperwork with electronic postage statements and documentation; streamlines acceptance and verification so mailers can spend less time at the business mail entry unit (BMEU); integrates mail planning and production with postal workflow; enables automated postage payment, mail entry scheduling, and reconciliation; and more.

Discover How PostalOne! is Quick, Easy, and Convenient!


• Eliminate hard copy documents.

• Produce on-screen reports and analysis in seconds.

• Reduce time at the business mail entry unit (BMEU).


• View the postal information about mailings online.

• Be alerted when permits and fees are due.

• Access financial transactions 24/7.


• Display current rates and discounts, and calculate postage.

• Generate alerts if processing problems occur.


By using PostalOne!'s centralized account payment features, mailers can manage funding their account or multiple accounts through automated processes.

Customer Feedback

We invite feedback, questions, and suggestions anytime. Customers should feel free to contact their Business Mail Entry Manager directly or call the PostalOne! Customer Care line at 800-522-9085.

Getting Started With PostalOne!

To begin, mailers should decide which electronic documentation "on ramp" meets their mailing needs: Postage Statement Wizard® (PSW), Mail.dat®, or Web Services.

Mailers can submit postage statements online with PSW. Using a secure Internet connection and simple, on- screen fields, PSW helps mailers complete postage statements online in the USPS PostalOne! account. Mail.dat and Web Services are file transfer protocols that allow mailers to transmit their mailing information from their production software directly to the USPS PostalOne! system. The choice between Mail.dat or Web Services is usually determined by the data output from the presort software being utilized by the mailer or his/her mail service provider.

Postage Statement Wizard may be a good fit if the mailer:

• Uses presorted or discounted mail.

• Handwrites most information on postage statements.

• Presorts manually or uses simple presort software.

• Has just a few pages of presort documentation.

• Usually mails locally.

Mail.dat or Web Services may be a better fit if the mailer:

• Uses presorted or discounted mail.

• Uses complex presort schemes.

• Uses sophisticated or customized presort software.

• Mails in large quantities to a broad range of delivery areas.

• Plans transportation for drop-ship mailings.

• Serves as a mailing agent or mail service provider for other business mailers.

Note: Technical considerations determine which is best for mailers. They should contact the PostalOne! Help Desk (800-522-9085) for more information.

Business Mail Entry managers are prepared to give guided tours of all that PostalOne! offers.

To use PSW, Mail.dat, or Web Services, mailers must first sign up for a PostalOne! account, which is free, and offers many additional benefits and features. Here are just a few:

• Account Balance and Fee Information Anytime

From their desktop, mailers can track their deposits, account balances, and transactions.

• Real-Time Reports 24/7

PostalOne! gives mailers continuous access to a variety of reports. They can review mailing history, monitor trends, and more.

• Document Everything

Mailers can view and print statements, as well as receipts - capture deposits, transactions, and trends.

• Remote Inspection

This allows mailers to view reported mail processing issues online, including labeling, barcode, and other errors. It also allows them to use this information to avoid repeat issues and minimize future delays.

Business Mail Entry managers are available to tell mailers about many more benefits and features they can enjoy with PostalOne!

— Marketing Technology and Channel Management,
Customer Service, 10-26-06

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