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Change in Vendors — Purchasing Cash Equivalent and Noncash Award Items

Effective immediately, all cash equivalent and noncash award items for $25 or more must be purchased from one of the approved vendors listed below. Policies affecting the issuance of award checks through Eagan and the local purchase of noncash tangible items are unchanged.

As a reminder, awards may be issued for a wide range of purposes; however, the purchase of award items must conform to the policies established for our formal award and recognition program. In addition, managers must take appropriate action to ensure the security of items purchased. Additional information, including award descriptions, limits, and approval authority, is available at and in ELM 470, Recognition and Awards.

Approved Vendor of Cash Equivalent Awards

The approved cash equivalent award is the American Express Gift Cheque issued in $100 denominations, purchased directly from American Express through eBuy. Gift cheque purchases must follow proper eBuy purchasing protocol. Purchases directly from the American Express Web site are no longer authorized.

Effective immediately, the interim procedures requiring you to submit PS Form 8230, Authorization for Payment, and invoice to the San Mateo Account Center are discontinued. To ensure proper payment for purchases made via eBuy, do not submit PS Form 8230 or invoice.

Approved Vendors of Noncash Awards

There are five approved vendors of noncash awards of $25 or more, which are limited to gift certificates in denominations of $25, $50, $100, and $250. These items are purchased through the vendor's Web site (listed here) using an IMPAC credit card for payment. Gift certificate awards must be reported in eAwards as a "Spot Gift Certificate" award. To minimize the number of eAwards entries, managers may aggregate multiple gift certificate awards as a single entry for each employee. However, gift certificate awards must be reported in the calendar year they are issued. Payroll calculates and pays tax assistance on award amounts that exceed $50.

Rymax Marketing Services, Inc.

The Rymax custom Postal Service™ gift card offers value and choice for over 20,000 of the most current, popular, and recognized brand name products. Postal Service employees can "bank" their dollars and redeem them for luxury brands at their leisure.

The SuperCertificate reward offers gift cards to national and local merchants, including the most popular stores, theaters, and restaurants. Employees can choose gift cards from hundreds of local, national, and online merchants.

Global Sports Access, Inc.

The Global Gift Card offers employees special access and pricing for over 20,000 sold-out and hard-to-find tickets to college and professional sporting events, concerts, film festivals, stage plays, and musicals.


IncentOne offers a 5 percent face-value discount on the Gift Certificate Award. It provides access to over 400 retailer gift cards and thousands of electronics, entertainment, dining, and merchandise reward options.

NetPost™ CardStore

This Postal Service-branded product includes greeting cards with gift cards enclosed. Greeting cards can be customized with downloaded images and messaging.

— Compensation,
Human Resources 10-26-06