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Supply Management


Donation of Collection Boxes

Effective November 9, 2006, Handbook AS-701, Material Management, is revised to update the policy concerning the donation of collection boxes to the general public and federal agencies.

Handbook AS-701, Material Management

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6 Asset Recovery: Redistribution, Recycling, and Disposal

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64 Recycling and Disposal

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646 Proprietary Items Requiring Special Processing

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646.5 Post Office Boxes

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646.53 Donations

[Revise 646.53 to read as follows:]

Postal Service managers will not grant approval to donate Post Office box units or collection boxes in response to requests from academic institutions and nonprofit organizations. All actions concerning the above items will be conducted in accordance with the procedures outlined in 647.26. The practice of donating to academic institutions and nonprofit organizations has been suspended.

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646.8 Collection Boxes

646.81 Policy

[Revise 646.81 to read as follows:]

Collection boxes, including post type, street collection, and relay storage boxes, will not be sold to the public. They must be destroyed by the owning Postal Service entity and sold as scrap. Refurbished collection boxes designated for sale as scrap must be determined to be environmentally safe. The paint on the box cannot contain lead or other environmentally harmful substances (see 647.271). Collection boxes, including post type, street collection, and relay storage boxes, will not be loaned to non-federal agencies or organizations. Postal Service entities solicited by federal agencies for the loan of collection boxes of all types must obtain approval from the Inspection Service office in their area of operation before complying with or denying a request. The district material management specialist and the MSC located in the area of concern will be notified of all pending requests and all actions taken thereafter by the functional manager or material accountability officer (MAO). Once approved, the lending Postal Service entity will ensure that an audit trail is established and maintained until the item is returned. The district material management specialist (DMMS) will ensure that the loan location MAO establishes and maintains a loan file. The DMMS will also maintain a file copy of PS Form 1590, Supplies and Equipment Receipt. Collection boxes designated as serviceable can be reassigned or reallocated to other Postal Service units. The Postal Service will use PS Form 1590 (signed by both parties) to monitor all collection box loans (see exhibit 541.27), for these transactions.

646.82 Loans

[Revise 646.82 to read as follows:]

If these items are lent to a federal agency for exhibit purposes, as in a museum, there is no requirement to change the color or remove the indicia. If they are to be used for any other purpose, the indicia must be removed, the box must be painted (any color other than Postal Service colors), and the item must be prominently marked "Not for the Deposit of Mail." Under either of the above circumstances, the locks must be removed. An agreement not to sell the item or permit the box to be used in the collection of mail must be entered on PS Form 1590 prior to obtaining the recipient's signature. Do not move the item from the location noted on the loan agreement without informing and obtaining the agreement of the MAO. The MAO must inform the DMMS of all requests for moves. A copy of the updated PS Form 1590 will be forwarded by the MAO to the DMMS for filing. The MAO will annotate the PS Form 1590 each time the file is reviewed and the loan status verified. The MAO and the DMMS will review all PS Form 1590 loan files quarterly.

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647 Methods and Priority

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647.2 Methods

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647.26 Donation to a State Agency, Public Body, or Nonprofit Organization

647.261 Policy

[Revise 647.261 to read as follows:]

Surplus material that is unmarketable, excluding collection boxes and Post Office boxes, may be donated to state agencies, public bodies, and nonprofit organizations. Collection boxes and Post Office boxes that are designated surplus to Postal Service needs will not be donated to state agencies, public bodies, or nonprofit organizations, but will be recycled or destroyed and scrapped. The Postal Service does not offer collection boxes to a public body defined as any state, territory, or possession of the United States, any political subdivision thereof, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any American Indian tribe. Materials classified other than collection boxes and designated surplus, nonsensitive, expendable, or obsolete are referenced in 647.262 and may be dealt with accordingly.

647.262 Authorization

[Revise 647.262 to read as follows:]

The installation head or designee must authorize donations of nonsensitive, expendable, obsolete, or surplus material. Refer to 645 and 646 for specific disposal procedures relating to the donation of items categorized "proprietary" or "requiring special approval." The manager of the MSC must authorize donations of capital or sensitive property.

647.263 Procedure

[Revise 647.263 to read as follows:]

The installation head must obtain a written request, signed by an officer of the qualifying agency, that includes the agency's tax-exempt identification number and telephone number. Upon receipt of the written request, the installation head or designee will prepare and process PS Form 969 and attach the documentation to the form. The installation head or designee notifies the requesting agency that the material is ready for pickup or shipping. If any packing or shipping costs are incurred, the requesting agency must pay them. The installation head or designee must obtain a signature for receipt of the material (e.g., on the original written request).

647.264 Donation to Foreign Government

[Revise 647.264 to read as follows:]

Consideration may be given by the installation head or the assigned designee on a case-by-case basis to donate surplus equipment other than collection boxes and Post Office boxes to a foreign government. Requests for specific equipment will normally be received from International Postal Affairs. Approval to donate any equipment will be granted by the manager of Supply Management Operations and National Supply Management Programs (NSMP). Surplus equipment located in the field will be processed for shipment through the NSMP and MSCs. Supply Material Management will process equipment located at the MDC.

647.27 Destruction and Landfill Disposal

647.271 Policy

[Revise 647.271 to read as follows:]

Postal Service entities that designate collection boxes for destruction must use the following methods of disposal in the order listed below: (1) recycling and (2) scrapping. Methodologies used to process recyclables normally generate residual (waste) that cannot be sold, reprocessed, or reused. Postal Service facilities, offices, departments, and entities will not use landfills to dispose of collection boxes. The processes noted above are the only authorized methods of destruction or disposal for collection boxes. The methods above comply with the Environmental Protection Agency, state and local laws, and Postal Service regulations concerning the destruction, disposal, or recycling of metal objects.

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We will incorporate these revisions into the next printed edition of Handbook AS-701 and into the next online update available on the Postal ServiceTM PolicyNet Web site.

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Supply Management, 11-9-06