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Data Card

In the event of missing or stolen USPS computing equipment such as a desktop, laptop, BlackBerry, or any removable media you must do the following immediately:


1. USPS Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT)

    Hotline: Phone:  1-866-877-7247       


2. USPS Inspection Service – Local Office where incident took place:   

    Phone:  1-877-876-2455

3. If suspected theft or loss took place OFF Postal premises,

    Police Dept - Local Office where the incident took place.

4. Immediate supervisor or manager.    

COMPLETE: PS-1360, Information Security Incident Report. Include the following information:

  1. Any known employee or customer Personally Identifiable Information and/or business sensitive data that may reside on the equipment. Examples: SSN, name, address or phone #, bank account #, or business revenue.
  2. Description of events leading up to the disappearance
  3. Make, model, & serial no. of the missing equipment – if known
  4. User ID, Functional area, Supervisor, PCES Mgr, and Vice President’s name and contact info
  5. Contact info and associated case #(s) for reports filed regarding the  incident

SUBMIT the completed form to USPS CIRT at

Protect information that is entrusted to you.

If you don’t need it, don’t store it.

  • Not on your Postal Service computer or portable media like laptops, flash drives, or CDs unless absolutely necessary.
  • Never on your computer.
  • Never on a vendor’s computer.
  • If you need to store sensitive information, you must protect it.
  • Password-protect storage devices — desktop, laptop, or BlackBerry.
  • Encrypt the folders, files, and portable media (flash drives) that contain sensitive information.
  • Keep portable items (laptops, flash drives, CDs, etc.) with you if possible, or secured and out of sight if you can’t keep them with you.
  • Don’t take it with you without appropriate permission.

Done with it? Delete it.