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Need to Send a Package? We've Got the Answer!

Need to send a package this holiday season? No matter where it has to go, or when it has to get there (unless it's due there today!), the Postal ServiceTM can deliver for you.

• Need it there in 1 day, 2 at the most? Express Mail service offers next-day delivery by noon to many locations or your money back. And the Postal Service delivers Express Mail items every day of the year at no extra charge.

• Need it there within a week? Priority Mail service delivers in 2-3 days on average at a reasonable price, with no extra charge for Saturday delivery. Delivery ConfirmationTM service is free if you print your shipping label from the Postal Service Web site at

• Not in any rush? Parcel Post service can save you money and get your package delivered in 2-9 days on average, based on the distance traveled. You also can insure your package for up to $5,000 and find out when it is delivered and who accepted it.

• Need to send it overseas? The Postal Service also has a wide range of international services that can deliver for you.

For sending one package or a thousand, the Postal Service has the answer. Go to and click on Shipping Tools to get started.

— Marketing Strategy and Support,
Marketing, 12-7-06