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Information Technology


Review of Cellular Services

Beginning in early 2007 (depending on the vendor billing cycle), cellular service accounts meeting certain criteria will be suspended or adjusted.

The Postal ServiceTM pays for cell phones to make it easy for employees, business partners, customers, and others to communicate with each other. Because many cellular accounts on the books are being used only minimally or not at all, or are being used at a level not proportionate with the service plan being funded, Information Technology (IT) will review all activity and adjust accounts so telecommunications costs can be reduced.

If an account shows no activity, the account will be suspended. If users then try to use the service, they will hear an announcement that it has been canceled or suspended.

Suspended accounts will remain suspended for 30 days, during which time the suspension can be appealed. If you wish to appeal an account suspension, you must provide your name, account number or phone number, and the reason for the appeal to your functional vice president. If the vice president approves the appeal, the account can be reactivated without losing the telephone number or phonebook. If you do not appeal a suspension or the appeal is not approved, the account will be permanently deleted at the end of the 30-day suspension period.

If the activity on the account is not in line with the most economical plan offered by the vendor, the service will automatically be changed to the most suitable plan, thus decreasing the monthly cost. Information Technology will continue to review the plan to ensure it meets the user's calling pattern.

Your local IT department will be providing additional information on this process. By monitoring our cellular service, we can continue to lower our costs.

— Telecommunications Services,
Information Technology, 12-7-06