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Supply Management


Asset Management Integration Program Officially Launched

On November 15 and 16, 2006, representatives from Government Relations, Supply Management, Marketing, Information Technology, Finance, and Human Resources kicked off the Asset Management Integration effort to define and implement the best solutions for effectively managing the Postal Service'sTM physical assets.

Phase 1 of the Asset Management Integration effort, which began in October 2006 with a target end date of September 2007, includes the following goals:

• Distribution and Fulfillment:

• Identify the optimal Stamp and Retail fulfillment networks.

• Streamline ordering and fulfillment processes to limit number of manufacturer shipments on a single order.

• Process:

• Understand and document current asset management processes.

• Develop process designs to better track and manage inventory and assets, including the use of forecast-based planning to identify inventory requirements.

• Technology:

• Understand and document current systems that support asset management functions.

• Identify the best software to track and manage inventory.

• Organization:

• Understand the current organizations and personnel involved in asset management activities.

Elaine MacMahon, Manager of Supply Management Operations, said, "The executive committee has asked Supply Management to begin working closely with all stakeholders involved in asset management. We will standardize the processes and systems to better manage costs around managing assets. We'll also bring visibility to the assets the Postal Service now has and reduce the cost of getting those assets in your hands. This is a big challenge, but long overdue. It will make the supply chain less costly, the supply stream more efficient, and your job that much easier. So be on the look out for Asset Management Integration."

— Supply Management Operations,
Supply Management, 12-7-06