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Supply Management


The 2007 Office Supply Catalog Is Here

The new 2007 USPS Office Supply Catalog from OfficeMax Government Solutions is now available. It can be added to your next eBuy order using P code P215, using product code J9USPSMAX07, or by calling customer service at 888-229-8777. The 2007 catalog follows the same format as last year's successful catalog with a few additions:

• New special Postal Service-related products section (pages A22-A32).

• Page numbers added in the P code and core list summaries.

• P codes (pages A10-A17) added to the product number and NSN for JWOD products.

• NSN and product indexes added for all JWOD products.

2007 USPS Office Supply Catalog cover.

— Office Products and Utilities CMC,
Supply Management, 2-1-07

The Postal Service brand is a customer's perception brought to you by the US Postal Service.