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Buy Postage, Order Supplies, and Get Information

The Postal Store (

At The Postal Store®, you can purchase stamps by rate, subject, or format (i.e., booklets) and sign up for our stamp subscription service - Fast Stamps - and have them delivered automatically at periodic intervals. You can also get all the shipping supplies you need for free from The Postal Store for both domestic and international shipping. And a variety of merchandise can be found at The Postal Store - from coin bank mailbox replicas to beautiful stamp artwork.

Post Office Locator (

Customers can locate Post Offices, an Automated Postal Center®, alternate locations to purchase stamps, as well as find an office for passport application services by using Post Office Locator. Maps with directions are provided for all search options.

ZIP Code Lookup (

Find a ZIP Code and other information in this lookup. You can:

• Search by Address - Enter a street address or PO Box, city, and state to get a ZIP+4.

• Search by City - Get a ZIP+4 for a city and state.

• Search by Company - Enter a company name to search for a company's ZIP Code.

• Find all cities in a ZIP Code - Enter the ZIP Code to find the cities for that respective ZIP Code.

NetPost Services

NetPost® Services is the umbrella program for a series of hybrid services that start out online and become hard- copy mail. The three services within this umbrella are:

1. NetPost CardStore ( - Create high-quality personalized greeting cards online and have them mailed the next business day to your specific address lists or back to you so you can further personalize them. NetPost CardStore has an extensive library of images for your selection, or you can upload your own photographs and images to be printed on the greeting cards. You also may add a gift card from a variety of retailers to the greeting card. Retailers include Bed, Bath and Beyond, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Circuit City, Starbucks Coffee, and many more.

2. NetPost Premium PostcardsTM ( - Prepare and send glossy, full- color postcards. Great for announcements, thank- you notes, invitations, business-related marketing pieces, and more. You can choose from thousands of available images or upload your own photographs and images on a glossy postcard. The postcards come in three sizes. The quality is also superb. The postcards are 1/10 of an inch (110 lb.) thick and coated on both sides. With coated paper, the ink remains on the surface to create better solids and more vibrant colors. Prices range from $0.66 to $1.77 per card based on quantity and format. The price includes custom personalization, printing, and mailing services.

3. NetPost Mailing OnlineTM ( - Print newsletters, postcards, brochures, flyers, booklets, and more - all online. NetPost Mailing Online is a powerful printing and mailing service combining the speed of the Internet with the effectiveness of traditional mail. Mailing Online offers an array of printing and mailing options to customize your order. How Does Mailing Online Work? First, you submit documents and mailing lists electronically using Mailing Online. The electronic files are securely transmitted to print sites nearest the recipient's address. Then, the documents are printed and addressed; postage is applied; and the documents are transported to the Post Office for processing and delivery.

Rate Calculator (

Easily calculate postage rates and delivery times for domestic, international, and all discount mail. Enter a destination, shape, size, weight, and ZIP Code. The Rate Calculator provides delivery standards with respective rates so you can select the best option for your needs.