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Ship and Track Packages

Click-N-Ship (

Print shipping labels - and pay for postage via credit card - from the convenience of your home or office. Click- N-Ship® brings the Post Office to your office.

You can print labels for domestic and international expedited services - Priority Mail®, Express Mail®, Global Express Mail®, Global Priority Mail®, Global Airmail Parcel Post® and Global Express Guaranteed®. As an added benefit, you get free Delivery ConfirmationTM with every Priority Mail label you print - making Priority Mail an even greater value. Signature ConfirmationTM service is available at the reduced fee of $1.35.

When you pay for postage and print international shipping labels using Click-N-Ship, you get a 5 percent discount for Global Express Guaranteed and Global Express Mail Services. You also can print customs forms, obtain mailing information about your destination, and schedule a free package pickup.

Other convenient features include online insurance for domestic packages, which allows up to $500 in coverage and a 6-month history on labels printed with postage.

Mailing is as convenient as your neighborhood mailbox. You can drop your domestic Express Mail and Priority Mail pieces with PC Postage® online labels in any Postal Service collection box; you can take them to your local Post Office; you can hand them to your delivery carrier; or you can schedule a pickup online. Packages being mailed using postage stamps and weighing 16 ounces and over and International mail with online postage can be left for your mail carrier to pick up but cannot be deposited into a blue street mailbox.

Package Pickup Options ( provides two options for customers to have their packages picked up by a carrier. They are Carrier PickupTM and Pickup on Demand®. Just prepare packages for shipping - including postage - and go online to request Carrier Pickup. For free package pickup, the regular carrier picks up the package(s) the next delivery day during normal mail delivery. You can schedule a pickup for the next delivery day or up to 3 months in advance. If you want your packages picked up right away, Pickup on Demand is available for only $13.25 per pickup, regardless of the number of packages, and the packages are picked up within a specified 2-hour timeframe.

Track and Confirm (

Track and Confirm is the online site where tracking information is available on Express Mail items, and for delivery information on the following extra services: Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation, Certified MailTM, Registered MailTM, and International Registered Mail.