Special Cancellations

Postmasters and plant managers who have any of the special cancellations listed below may use them for the periods designated. At the end of the period, these special cancellations must be withdrawn and stored. Postmasters and plant managers who do not have these special cancel­lations may not request them from the sponsors.



Period of Use

Save Your Vision Week

Feb. 1–March 31

March Is Kidney Month, Give to the National Kidney Foundation

March 1–March 31

March Is Red Cross Month

March 1–March 31

Easter Seals, Fight Crippling

March 1–April 22

April Is Child Abuse Prevention Month

April 1–April 30

April Is Organ Donor Awareness Month — Donors Make Miracles

April 1–April 30

Law Day USA Freedom Under Law, May 1

April 1–April 30

Strike Back at Cancer, Give to the American Cancer Society

April 1–April 30

National Carih Asthma Week

April 1–May 6

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

April 1–Oct. 31

National Salvation Army Week, 4th Week in May

May 1–May 31

Support Research for “NF,” Neurofibromatosis

May 1–May 31

Support Your Mental Health Association

May 1–May 31

National Flag Day, June 14, Pause for the Pledge

May 1–June 14

Goodwill Industries — Our Business Works So People Can

May 1–June 30

Support National Historic Preservation Week

May 8–May 14

National Transportation Week

May 15–May 21

Fight Disease, Support City of Hope Pilot Medical Center

May 15–June 15

Defeat Muscular Dystrophy, Support MDAA

May 15–June 17

Conquer Multiple Sclerosis

May 17–June 17

Conquer Cystic Fibrosis

Sept. 1–Sept. 30

Peace Corps Anniversary, Making a Difference

Sept. 1–Oct. 31

Employ People With Disabilities

Sept. 1–Nov. 30

Give to the United Way

Sept. 15–Nov. 15

Learn About Lupus, October Is Lupus Awareness Month

Oct. 1–Oct. 31

Radon Action Week, Protect Your Family, Test Your Home

Oct. 1–Oct. 31

Support Infection Control Week

Oct. 1–Nov. 30

Help Retarded Children

Nov. 1–Nov. 30

Military Families Recognition Day

Nov. 1–Nov. 30

National Adoption Month

Nov. 1–Nov. 30

National Philanthropy Day, Love of Humankind

Nov. 1–Nov. 30

Use Christmas Seals, Support Your Lung Association

Nov. 8–Dec. 31

Support American Education Week

Nov. 10–Nov. 30

Autistic Children, Hope Through Research and Education

Dec. 1–Dec. 31