Online Submit Postage Statement Wizard Instructions

Mailers currently using the Postage Statement Wizard to electronically submit postage statements to their local mail acceptance unit will see some minor changes to the infor­mation on the postage statements that are completed online. It is important that special attention be paid to the information selected regarding the physical characteristics (processing category, mailpiece shape, and weight) of the mailing, as well as the following.

Postage statements prepared and submitted prior to Monday, May 14:

Postage statements prepared and submitted on or after Monday, May 14:

If a mailing is prepared and presented prior to Monday, May 14, and the mailers wish to pay the new prices:

Business Mail Entry Units

  • Mail acceptance associates will process a postage adjustment against the permit account to withdraw the total amount of postage for the mailing as indi­cated on the postage statement. A copy of the adjustment (upon request) is provided to the cus­tomer attached to the postage statement. Once the rate case software release is implemented (May 14), the mail acceptance associate will reverse the post­age adjustment transaction and enter the postage statement. If for some reason the amount of postage is more than what was deducted for the adjustment, the mail acceptance associate will inform the cus­tomer of the difference and request additional funds, if warranted.