Supply Management

Redesigned Parcel Lock Now Available

The redesigned parcel lock for parcel lockers of older (revision E) cluster box units (CBUs) is now available. The redesigned lock includes the following features:

Ordering Information

Each lock costs $15.76. The new Postal Service™ Identification Number (PSIN) is O306P1. You must order the locks from the Material Distribution Center (MDC). Call 800-273-1509.

Note: You must be registered to use TTOE. To register, call 800-332-0317, option 1, extension 2925, and follow the prompts to leave a message (wait 48 hours after registering before you place your first order).

The MDC is the mandatory source of supply. If you need to order replacement keys, call the Mail Equipment Shop (MES) at 866-823-4749.

Installation Instructions

For additional information and installation instructions for the O306P1 lock, see Maintenance Management Order (MMO) MMO-036-07, Redesigned PSIN O306P1 Locks (Rev. E CBU Parcel Locker Locks). Contact the Mainte­nance Technical Support Center at 800-366-4123 for infor­mation on that MMO.

Returning Non-functioning PSIN 0306 Locks

As a reminder, the success of this redesign program is based upon the return of non-functioning PSIN O306P locks from the field. See MMO-123-06, Return of Non-Functional PSIN O306P Locks (Rev. E CBU Parcel Locker Locks), for additional information. This MMO is available online at In order to maintain an adequate supply for redesign, please return all non-functioning O306P locks and parts to the current Postal Service™ lock supplier at the following address:

O306P Parcel Lock Program
CompX Security Products
PO Box 200
Mauldin SC 29662-0200

This O306P lock return program gives the Postal Service a major opportunity to take an otherwise discarded asset and use it to create a replacement that is cheaper, more reliable, and easier to maintain.

Direct questions to the Delivery, Industrial Equipment & Telecommunications Commodity Management Center (DIE-TEL CMC) in Greensboro, NC, at 336-665-2859.

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