Intelligent Mail barcodes expand to Flat Mail in May

USPS Intelligent Mail and Address Quality Vice Presi­dent Charlie Bravo announced recently that beginning May 1, the Intelligent Mail barcode — formerly called the 4-State Customer barcode — will be available for flat mail and that mailers will receive the automation discount for using it.

Mailers can receive the discount for using the Intelligent Mail barcode alone to sort all classes of mail or with select mail classes using Intelligent Mail services OneCode Con­firm and OneCode ACS (Address Change Service).

OneCode Confirm will be available for flats on First-Class Mail, Standard Mail and Periodicals. OneCode ACS will be available for First-Class Mail and Periodicals flats. OneCode ACS for Standard Mail flats will be available in the fall.

“The Intelligent Mail process is fully automated,” said Bravo. “We’re looking forward to having everyone on board by 2009.”