Mailbox Improvement Week, May 21–27

Each year, the Postal Service™ designates the third full week of May as Mailbox Improvement Week to encourage customers on city motorized, rural, or contract delivery service routes (formerly highway contract box delivery routes) to examine and, where necessary, improve the appearance of their mailboxes. Neat, attractive mail­boxes make a significant contribution to the appearance of the countryside and streets in suburban areas. Mailbox Improvement Week, May 21-27, calls attention to the need for providing mailboxes that are:

1. Approved by the Postmaster General.

2. Designed to protect the mail from weather.

3. Safe to use.

4. Conveniently located.

5. Neat in appearance.

Additional information is available on the Delivery and Retail Web site at (

Mailboxes that meet these five important requirements help delivery and collection operations and improve service to the entire route. There are three approved styles of curb­side mailboxes:

1. Traditional design (see Exhibit A).

2. Contemporary design (see Exhibit B).

3. Locked, Full, or Limited service.

USPS-STD-7B governs the design and specifications of curbside mailboxes and includes provisions for improved quality of the product.