Spring Into Summer — Hold Mail and Premium Forwarding Services Employee Service Talk

Spring is here and summer is close behind. Now is the time to remind your customers, if they are planning a trip or vacation, the Postal Service can hold their mail and keep it from piling up. Nothing says “no one is home” like a mail­box overflowing with letters and magazines. Tell your cus­tomers to take advantage of the Postal Service's quick, easy and convenient www.usps.com online services that save them a trip to the Post Office.

With just a few clicks, customers can arrange to have their mail held from three to 30 days. Go to www.usps.com and search for “Hold Mail Service.” First, enter the ZIP Code at the prompt. Then, enter address information and the dates the mail should be held. At the end of the process a confirmation number is given in case the dates need to be modified or the customer decides to extend the vacation. The online service electronically notifies the Post Office with a request to hold all the mail for the time specified. Delivery resumes on the requested date. Arranging to have mail held has never been easier, thanks to Hold Mail Ser­vice from the Postal Service.

Are your customers planning on being gone a while? They may prefer to take advantage of Premium Forwarding service. This service is great for those snowbirds who need their mail while they are away. For a small fee, Premium Forwarding with the Postal Service will use Priority Mail to box and reship mail once a week for periods of at least two weeks and up to one year. Your customers can stop by their local Post Offices for more information, or go to www.usps.com.