New Japan Post Money Orders

Starting October 1, 2007, Japan Post will start issuing new money orders in Japan that can be presented for pay­ment in the United States. Changes to the new money order from the current one are as follows:

Images of the front and back of the new Japan Post money order accompany this article. Postal Service™ employees can also see an image of the new Japan Post money order online at; see the informa­tion under “Money Orders — Domestic and International.”



All Japan Post money orders are valid for 3 months after the month of issue. The last day of issue for the current Japan Post money orders is September 30, 2007, and they are payable in the United States through December 31, 2007. The maximum amount of a Japan Post money order remains unchanged at $700.00.

Postal Service employees who receive a suspicious Japan Post money order and are concerned about the validity can send an e-mail to For other questions about Japan Post money orders, contact the Postal Service St. Louis Accounting Help Desk at