A sorter on short order

Seattle Express Mail sorting system.PMG Jack Potter on Nov. 27 announced the formation of a new tran­sitional organization tasked with boosting sales and market reach of Express Mail and low­ering its handling costs. The Seattle P&DC, though, has already cre­ated its own Express Mail sorter system.

The Seattle system uses overhead barcode scanners and multiple conveyors to meet an immediate need and speed the handling of the 4,000–6,000 pieces of Express Mail that come through the Seattle Airport Mail Center daily.

The Express Mail transitional group has been on a par­allel path exploring the possibility of using overhead scan­ners, and Seattle’s one-off experiment has reaffirmed the team’s interest in investigating their use on a wider scale.

Seattle’s system was developed with the help of the USPS Engineering group, which will soon be making a standard scanning system for both Express Mail and Prior­ity Mail available to the field.

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