Half the price, twice the services

Express Mail and Click-N-Ship options.When Central PA District Business Devel­opment Team member Heather Dockey fol­lowed up on a sales lead with the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Vio­lence, she noticed over­night packages waiting for a competitor to pick up. Curious, Dockey asked Director Cindy Leedom what they paid for the ser­vice and was shocked to learn the nonprofit was paying twice what USPS would charge.

Dockey asked the manager if she wouldn’t pefer to use those additional funds to support the coalition’s outreach efforts. Leedom agreed. The company switched to Express Mail on the spot. “Every penny counts in our work,” Leedom said. “So the savings Heather identified for us are making a tremendous impact in our communities.”

The nonprofit group was so impressed with the over­night service they received from USPS that they invited Heather back to give them USPS.com training on all USPS products and services. Now, they use Click-N-Ship and other USPS online services to make their office run even smoother.