Fact Sheet: Create and Send Direct Mail

At www.usps.com/createmail, the Postal Service offers a suite of hybrid services that start out online and become hardcopy direct mail. All you need is a credit card and an Internet connection. No permits, fees, or forms are required, and your mailing is guaranteed to be USPS-compliant. Here’s how it works: You bring your ideas, a list of addresses (you can even buy targeted custom mailing lists at affordable prices), and a credit card to USPS.com. You choose the format, such as a postcard, letter, flyer, or greeting card. Each mailpiece is personalized, printed, pre­pared, and in the mail the next business day.

  • Print newsletters, postcards, brochures, flyers, book­lets, and more — all online through Click2Mail at www.usps.com/mailingonline. Click2Mail is a power­ful printing and mailing service combining the speed of the Internet with the effectiveness of traditional mail. Click2Mail offers an array of printing and mailing options to customize your order. How does Click2Mail work? You submit documents and mailing lists electronically using Click2Mail, and then the electronic files are securely transmitted to print sites nearest the recipients’ address. The documents are printed and addressed, postage is applied, and the documents are transported to the Post Office for pro­cessing and delivery.
  • Prepare and send glossy, full-color postcards through NetPost PremiumPostcard™ at www.usps.com/premiumpostcard. Premium post­cards are great for announcements, thank you notes, invitations, business-related marketing pieces, and more. You can choose from thousands of available images or upload your own photographs and images on a glossy postcard. You can send a personal mes­sage to each recipient while easily mailing to your entire address list. The price includes custom per­sonalization, printing, and mailing services.
  • Create and send high-quality personalized greeting cards from your desktop through CardStore at www.usps.com/cardstore. CardStore has an exten­sive library of images for you to choose from, or you can upload your own photographs, logos, and images to be printed on the greeting cards. Select a card and personalize it, and CardStore will print and mail your cards for you to anywhere in the world. You can also turn your greeting card into a gift by adding a gift card from a variety of retailers, such as Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Circuit City, Starbucks Coffee, and Bed, Bath and Beyond.