New Domestic and International Postage Statements

All postage statements are revised to implement the domestic and international price, fee, and classification changes. All statements are available at in Adobe PDF (print-only) format. The new state­ments are dated May 2008. Mailers will continue using cur­rent statements for mailings submitted for acceptance and verification through May 11.

Effective Monday, May 12, mailers must use May 2008 editions of postage statements (or approved facsimiles). All previous versions are obsolete as of May 12, 2008, and must not be used. The entry office postmaster must approve all facsimile postage statements not approved under the Presort Accuracy Validation and Evaluation (PAVE™) or Manifest Analysis and Certification (MAC™) programs.

A future Postal Bulletin will announce ordering proce­dures when the new statements are available at the Material Distribution Center.

Postage statements can be printed locally and completed manually. Wherever possible, postmasters and managers of Business Mail Entry should encourage their customers and staff to use the Web site to obtain state­ments. Managers of Business Mail Entry, working with district and area implementation coordinators, must ensure that all Post Offices™ and detached mail units within their district’s service areas have access to all statements (domestic and international) to satisfy the needs of local mailers. District offices must supply postage statements to Post Offices without Internet access.

Mailers with questions regarding the use and availability of postage statements should contact the Post Office where they enter their mailings. Employees with questions should contact their district’s manager of Business Mail Entry.