International Reply Coupon Revaluation

Effective May 12, 2008, the price change affects the international reply coupon (IRC). The new selling price will be $2.10 per coupon. Post Offices™ and postal retail units will use their existing supply of Item 330700, $1.85 IRC (see sample below). At the time of sale, an additional 25 cents in postage must be added by affixing postage stamp(s) or a postage validation imprinter (PVI) label. The retail associate (RA) should apply the additional postage at the time of the sale.

When affixing the postage stamps, it is important to leave the bottom right corner of the IRC clear. This provides space for the foreign post that exchanges the coupon to cancel it. Affix PVI labels only to the back of the IRC, but do not cover any portion of the IRC’s barcode.

Post Offices and postal retail units must ensure that adequate supplies of 25-cent stamps are on hand. No accounting entries are required to adjust the value of IRCs in inventory. The sale of the additional 25-cent postage applied to the IRC will be recorded as AIC 090, Postage Stock Sales or AIC 109, Postage Validation Imprinter, in the retail associate’s PS Form 1412, Daily Financial Report.

Offices must follow these procedures when the price change goes into effect on May 12, 2008.

Stamp Distribution Offices, Stamp Services Centers, and Accountable Paper Depositories

Stamp distribution offices (SDOs), stamp services cen­ters (SSCs), and their accountable paper depositories (APDs) will retain and use their current inventory of Item 330700, $1.85 IRC.


International Reply Coupon, Front and Back.