Mailing Label and Completion Instructions

Global Express Guaranteed Mailing Label

Note: The Mailing Label (International Air Waybill, Item 11FGG1) must be completed in English. If not filled out entirely in English, the shipment will be refused and returned to the origin office.

Section 1 From mailer’s address information. Make sure all of the following information is entered completely and accurately:

Section 2 To destination address information. Make sure all the following information is entered completely and accurately:

Section 3 Shipment Information

Documents: Check this box if the shipment contains only correspondence and/or printed matter.

Non-Documents: Check this box for all other items. The recipient may be required to pay import duties and taxes. This ship­ment may be subject to Customs inspection.

Description: REQUIRED. A proper description must be provided on the mailing label for EACH item in the shipment in order for the shipment to clear Customs. A proper description consists of four parts: item, detailed description, country of manu­facture (where known), and value (the selling price or fair market value of the contents, in U.S. dollars.) Document value is $1.00 or the cost of document reconstruction, whichever is higher. EXCEPTION: Document shipments to Mexico CANNOT have a value listed. Each document item should be fully described (for example, diploma, birth certificate, marriage license).


Unacceptable Description Item

Acceptable Descriptions

Specific Description Including Quantity of Each Item

Country of Manufacture

Value for Customs (US $)


Clothing: Men’s cotton T-shirts (3)



Computer parts

Computer parts: PC motherboard (1)




Medicine: Zocor 80 mg (personal use) (12 tablets)




Vitamins: Vitamin C 100 mg (50 tablets)




Papers: legal contract



Total Value for Customs — If a commercial invoice is required, enter the sum of the total postage, fees, and packaging costs to the value of the items.

Section 4 Required Signature

The mailing label must be signed by the sender or company representative. Online labels do not need signatures — the name printed online serves as the signature.

Section 5 Postal Use Only

Each block of the “Postal Use Only” section must be completed by the retail associate. Please note that some of these fields, such as Postage and Insurance Fee, will be pre-populated in the online labels.

Please note the GXG Air Waybill (Mailing Label) Item is currently being updated to include a privacy statement. Post Offices are encouraged to use up their existing stock before reordering.