Handbook EL-312 Revision: Headquarters EAS Positions

Effective April 24, Handbook EL-312, Employment and Placement, is revised to clarify that handbook policies and procedures apply to Postal Service™ Headquarters employees.

Handbook EL-312, Employment and Placement

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7 Assignment, Reassignment, and Promotion

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74 EAS Positions 741 Purpose of Subchapter 74

[Revise 741 as follows:]

These policies and procedures are to be used in filling Headquarters, area, and field EAS positions, including managerial, administrative, clerical, and postmaster positions. Supervisory positions are filled using the policies and procedures contained in 73, Initial Level Supervisor Positions, or in 75, Associate Supervisor Positions.

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We will incorporate these revisions into the next printed edition of Handbook EL-312 and into the next update of the online version on the Postal Service PolicyNet Web site:

(The direct URL for the Postal Service PolicyNet Web site is http://blue.usps.gov/cpim.)