Verifying U.S. Postal Service Money Orders

Follow these steps to cash a Postal Service™ money order:

1. Check that the amount does not exceed the legal limit: $1,000 for domestic, and $700 for international postal money orders.

2. Check that the proper security features are present:

n When held to the light, a watermark of Benjamin Franklin is repeated from top to bottom on the left side.

n When held to the light, a dark line (security thread) runs from top to bottom with the word “USPS” repeated.

n There should be no discoloration around the dollar amounts, which might indicate the amounts were changes.

These appear in Postal Service Notice 299, U.S. Postal Money Order Reference Card, or online at

3. If the money order seems suspicious, call the U.S. Postal Service Money Order Verification System at 866-459-7822.

Please provide this information to local banks and retail­ers, as they also receive Postal Service money orders for cashing.