Mover’s Guide News: January 2009 Print Run Has Begun

The January 2009 volume of Publication 75, Mover’s Guide™, has been sent to all Post Offices™ in the United States. Use the new volume immediately and recycle all previous volumes.

ATTENTION: All Post Offices in the United States

Shipping Information

Review this important shipping information:

n All Post Offices in the United States are on automatic distribution for the January 2009 print run.

n Your Post Office will receive one or two shipments of the Mover’s Guide based on the quantity your office requires.

n All Post Offices should have their first shipment, which arrived in mid-December.

n Second shipments will arrive 4 to 6 weeks later. Ship­ments will arrive in quantities of 25, 100, and 300.

n To find out if your office will receive a second ship­ment check the following website:

Mover’s Guide information

Review this important information about the Mover’s Guide:

n Display the January 2009 Mover’s Guide immediately.

n After January 1, 2009, you must recycle all old vol­umes of the Mover’s Guide remaining at your facility.

n To order more copies of the Mover’s Guide, call 800–816-6837 or visit

n The Mover’s Guide is printed and distributed three times per year. In:

n December (for use in January).

n April (for use in May).

n August (for use in September).

n Provide the entire Mover’s Guide to customers. The guide contains instructions on how to fill out PS Form 3575, Change of Address (COA) Order, and valuable move-related offers that generate revenue for the Postal Service™.

n Post Offices must recycle old volumes of the Mover’s Guide as these contain expired forms, information, and coupons that the postal customer can’t use.

n To help us reduce waste and still provide each postal facility with the proper quantity of the Mover’s Guide, call 800-816-6837 if you receive too many or too few copies of the Mover’s Guide. Also call if you have questions about the quantity your office received.

n To find out when shipments will arrive, check the fol­lowing website:

n If your facility receives an entire pallet of the Mover’s Guide, then break down the pallet. It may contain boxes that need to be shipped to other facilities, and this will ensure all facilities receive the supply they need.

Please keep track of your inventory. Businesses and other organizations must purchase the Mover’s Guide. They can get an order form by calling Imagitas at 800-816-6837. For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions at

Catalog Address Change and Request Card Information

Review this important information about the Catalog Address Change and Request Card:

n The Catalog Address Change and Request Card is attached to the COA Order. Movers use the card to notify catalog mailers of their new address.

n Important Note: Movers must detach the Catalog Address Change and Request Card from the COA Order and from the Featured Catalogs and Special Offers Card. Movers should mail each card sepa­rately. This helps us to properly process each change of address request.

Remember, customers can visit and select Change of Address to change their address online.