Policies, Procedures, and Forms Updates

Temporary Suspension of Mailing Standards Publications

Effective May 11, 2009, the Postal Service™ will tempo­rarily discontinue the following publications and posters:

n Publication 51, International Postal Prices and Fees.

n DMM 200, An Introduction to Mailing for Businesses and Organizations.

n Poster 123-L, Postal Prices and Fees (large only).

n The Quick Service Guide (QSG) posters.

Mailers may take advantage of the newly redesigned Notice 123, Price List, which has incorporated the interna­tional prices and fees.

We encourage customers to use the online or printed version of Publication 95, Quick Service Guide, or Business Mail 101 on Postal Explorer® at http://pe.usps.com, for help with business mailing questions.