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Coin-Operated Copiers — TRM Copy Centers, LLC

Early last year, we announced that TRM Copy Centers would be our new coin-operated photo copier machine program supplier. Since then, we’ve had positive responses about TRM Copy Centers’ superior service from postmasters that signed up for the new program. TRM is able to service most areas of the country.

TRM Copy Centers uses the Postal Service’s local agreement, which does not involve any out-of-pocket expense, except for copies made using the bypass key. You simply provide the floor space for the equipment and share in the revenue generated by the customer copies. It is a great opportunity for you to provide a service to your customers, while generating more revenue for your Post Office™.

Coin-Operated Copier Program Details

n Included Items: Equipment installation and mainte­nance including paper, toner, merchandising, parts, and labor.

n Suggested Minimum Retail Copy Price: $0.20 per copy.

n Retail Copy Revenue Share: The Postal Service™ will receive $0.05 for every retail copy made.

n Postal ServiceUse Copy Price: Price of copies made by the Postal Service using the bypass key is $0.05 per copy

n Payment by Credit Card: Payment for copies made in excess of copy revenue due the Postal Service can be made by credit card.

n Installation Lead Time: 30 to 60 days.

More information about this program is available on the USPS® Intranet at

To participate in this program or get further information, contact Gael Schuler of TRM Copy Centers by phone: 800-927-0979 ext. 3869, or e-mail at gaelschuler@trmcopy

There are some other copier companies that may offer to install a coin-op copier in your lobby, but if they are not willing to use the Postal Service’s local coin-op agreement, you should not sign their agreement, which typically would be a 3–5 year lease that would involve an out-of-pocket expense.



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