Mover’s Guide News: September 2009 Mover’s Guide Is on Its Way

The September 2009 issue of Publication 75, Mover’s Guide, has been shipped to all Post Office™ facilities. As of September 1, 2009, please recycle all expired versions.

Important Mover’s Guide Information

n Your office may be participating in the Mover’s Guide Behind the Counter Program. If so, continue to keep Mover’s Guide copies behind the counter inaccessi­ble to customers. Customers who need Mover’s Guide copies must see a retail associate.

n Offices will receive Mover’s Guide copies in one or two shipments. The first shipments will arrive in mid-August. The second shipments will arrive 4 to 6 weeks later. Shipments will be sent in quantities of 25, 100, and 300. To find out when your office will receive shipments, check the following website:; click Mover’s Guide (Pub75) Distribution for August 2009.

n It’s important that retail associates give the entire Mover’s Guide to customers. The Mover’s Guide contains instructions on how to fill out PS Form 3575, Change-of-Address Order, and special move-related offers that generate revenue for the Postal Service™.

n Your facility may receive Mover’s Guide copies addressed to other offices. If so, check the labels and forward the Mover’s Guide copies as necessary. Remember to scan delivery confirmations affixed to each box.

n Remember, consumers can visit to change their address online.

Inventory Management

n To find out when your office will receive shipments, check the following website:

n To change the quantity your office receives, call 800-816-6837 or visit

n Businesses and other organizations must purchase the Mover’s Guide and can obtain order forms by calling 800-816-6837.

n For further information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions at

Catalog Address Change & Request Card

The Catalog Address Change & Request Card, which is attached to PS Form 3575, allows movers to let catalogers know their new address.

Note: The Catalog Address Change & Request Card must be detached from PS Form 3575 and the catalog descrip­tion card and online adoption message. The Catalog Address Change & Request Card and PS Form 3575 should be mailed separately. This is important for change-of-address processing.