Handbook AS-701 Revision: Documentation of PS Form 969

Effective November 18, 2010, Handbook AS-701, Mate­rial Management, Part 644 Documentation, is completely revised to reflect changes in the documentation of PS Form 969, Material Recycling and Disposal.

Handbook AS-701, Material Management

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6 Asset Recovery: Redistribution, Recycling, and Disposal

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64 Recycling and Disposal

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644 Documentation

[Revise text to read as follows:]

PS Form 969 is completed by the owning unit’s personnel before the disposal of capital and noncapital property. PS Form 969 is available on the Blue page; click Forms (instructions are on Page 2 of the form).

Accounting practices require that signature blocks 17, 20, and 21 on PS Form 969 are signed by different individuals when disposing of capital property. The order (dates) in which the required signatures are obtained is at the discre­tion of local management.

PS Form 969 is used to document the disposal of capital equipment; the completed form is sent to the supporting Asset Accountability Service Center (AASC) for processing. Only the original signed document is acceptable for sub­mission to an AASC. PS Form 969 is also used to docu­ment the disposal of noncapital equipment; the completed form is filed locally (copies are not sent to the AASC unless otherwise directed).

PS Form 969 is not required for the disposal of consum­ables. Contact an AASC for technical guidance if needed.

Note: For Headquarters (HQ) and HQ field units, the finance number accountable manager/department head assumes the same responsibilities as an installation head for the purposes of documentation and accountability.

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