Other Competitive Products

Competitive PO Boxes

Post Office (PO) Boxes in 49 retail Post Office locations are included in the Shipping Services price list. PO Box fees in these 49 locations will be priced under a new fee group designated as C1. New customers in Group C1 who pay for a 12-month rental period in advance will be given an additional month’s rental at no extra charge.

Premium Forwarding Service

USPS Premium Forwarding Service® (PFS®) is a per­sonalized service for reshipping mail from a primary resi­dential address (or PO Box with certain restrictions) to a temporary address using a Priority Mail shipment. The average price increases overall 5 percent. The weekly fee increases to $14.75.

Address Enhancement Services

Prices for Address Information System products, which are listed under the competitive products category as Address Enhancement Services, are increasing on average from 4.2 percent to 10 percent and are applicable to Address Element Correction (AEC), Address Matching Sys­tem Application Program Interface (AMS API), and Topo­logical Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing (TIGER/ZIP+4) services.