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Voyager eFleet Card Reconciliation Report and Training

Delinquent Reconciliation Report

Effective May 2, 2011, the new Delinquent Reconciliation Report will be available for use within the Voyager eFleet card system. This new report checks each office with assigned eFleet cards, and reports reconciliations not completed within the current requirement of 30 days. Sar­banes-Oxley Act (SOX) field audit teams are reviewing these discrepancies through regular, unscheduled site vis­its and via a SOX scorecard report that is currently being sent to district and area managers. To access this report for your office, go to the eFleet home page at After you sign in, select eFleet, and then Delinquent Reconciliation Report, located on the upper right side of the home page. Also, a future link will be provided from the Welcome to FAMS sign-in page. The fol­lowing information is available with drill-down capability to the finance number level:

n Total dollars transacted.

n Total dollar value of delinquent unreconciled transac­tions.

n Percent of total dollars delinquent and unreconciled.

n Total number of transactions.

n Total number of delinquent unreconciled transac­tions.

n Percentage of total delinquent unreconciled transac­tions.

n Ability to drill into delinquent business area (BA), dis­tricts or finance numbers.

Data for a given month is not posted to the Delinquent Rec­onciliation Report until 30 days after the close of the month. After 30 days, invoices not marked as reconciled in FAMS-eFleet are considered delinquent, and appear on the Delin­quent Reconciliation Report and are reported to area and Headquarters Finance managers. These transactions will continue to remain marked as delinquent even if subse­quently reconciled during the 30-day period.

With the implementation of this new 30-day reporting pro­cess, historical data reporting delinquencies based on the previous 60-day reconciliation requirement will no longer be retained in the eFleet system (where data goes back to Fiscal Year 2007). If an office wishes to keep the older data, it must archive it by downloading the requested data by using the Excel download button on the page. After May 2, the system will only maintain data based on the new 30-day reconciliation requirement.

Voyager eFleet Card Site Manager Training

Voyager eFleet card training is available in the Postal Ser­vice™ Learning Management System (LMS) at!ut/p/.scr/Login. This training explains the history and operation of the eFleet card and provides instructions on how to manage and reconcile pur­chases made with the card.

The responsibility for reconciliation and fraud prevention continues to rest with each site manager; therefore, each site manager must take this training. Newly assigned site managers must also take this training prior to any eFleet reconciliation activities. Additionally, any individual charged with reconciling eFleet card activities must take this train­ing.

To book this course, do the following:

n Log into the LMS.

n Go to the learning portal.

n In the search box on the upper left, enter the course number 10019126.

n Select “Find,” and the course specifics will populate on the right-hand side.

n Request participation in the course, and start the course.

Your training record will be registered in LMS; however, you must complete every page and every activity of the training in order to get credit. It is important that when completing an LMS eLearning course that you do not confirm comple­tion until the system shows you have completed 100 per­cent of the course. Confirming prior to the system verifying 100 percent completion may result in the system recording the course as a failure in your training history. When Learn­ing Progress shows 100 percent, click the confirm comple­tion link to receive course credit. Field audits are scheduled to begin in May, so take the training now!

If you have questions, contact Kimya Moore at 202-268-8525 or Donald Perrin at 202- 268-2110.