Gift Cards Market Test Launch

During the week of June 20, 2011, the Postal Service™ will launch American Express Gift Cards in the majority of Post Offices™ that sell greeting cards. Gift cards will offer custom­ers a convenient way to purchase and mail gifts at Post Offices. This convenience will improve the customer experi­ence and provide the Postal Service additional revenue.

American Express Gift Cards will be available in $25 and $50 fixed amounts, as well as any variable dollar amount from $25 to $100. The price of the gift cards will include the face value of the cards plus a one-time purchase charge. The purchase charge is a standard fee charged in the industry for this type of card. Gift card funds will not expire, and there will be no monthly fees.

Gift cards will be sold and activated at the retail counter. The POS ONE system will automatically activate the cards during the sales transactions. Customers will be able to buy up to $500 in gift cards per day, and the funds on the cards will become available for use 4 hours after purchase. Gift cards will not be returnable for a refund or credit.

Detailed POS ONE instructions can be found in the Gift Cards New Functionality Guide on POS ONE and the POS ONE website (http://eagnmnsxfb0/posone/index.asp). The Gift Card Launch Packet, on the Retail website on Blue, will feature the following additional information:

n Program Overview and Checklist.

n Retail Service Talk.

n Sell Sheet.

n FAQs.

n Process Summary.

n Inventory Destruction Form and Process.

n Contact Sheet.



Read the merchandising instructions included with your shipments when they arrive. The instructions provide com­plete details on how the products should be displayed for optimal sales.


The following six gift cards will be offered in Post Offices:



Product Description

Purchase Charge


AMEX Classic Gold $25 Gift Card



AMEX Classic Gold $50 Gift Card



AMEX $25–$100 Thank You Gift Card



AMEX $25–$100 Congratulations Gift Card



AMEX $25–$100 Birthday Gift Card



AMEX $25–$100 Classic Gift Card


The American Express $25 GIFT CARD

The American Express $50 GIFT CARD

The American Express Thank You $25-$100 GIFT CARD

The American ExpressCongratulations $25-$100 GIFT CARD

The American Express Happy Birthday $25-$100 GIFT CARD

The American Express Classic $25-$100 GIFT CARD

The American Express GIFT CARD (showing back of card)

Gift Card Sales and Activation

Post Offices must complete the following steps to sell and activate gift cards:

1. Scan/Enter: Scan the serial number barcode on the gift card package.

2. Collect Payment: Customers can use cash, credit cards, PIN debit cards, postal money orders, and traveler’s checks to purchase gift cards.

For detailed POS ONE system instructions, refer to the Gift Card New Functionality Guide.


n Initial shipments will include the gift cards, display(s), and signage.

n Post Offices must scan the Delivery Confirmation™ barcodes on all gift card shipments upon receipt.

n Post Offices are not required to receive gift card mer­chandise into the POS ONE back office.

n Replenishment orders will automatically ship to par­ticipating locations based on scanned Delivery Con­firmation label(s) and POS ONE sales.

Schedule — Week of June 20

n Product, displays, and signage will begin to ship.

n Set up all displays, products, and signage immedi­ately, or allow an American Express merchandiser to set up the displays, products, and signage between June 23 and June 28.

n Gift cards will be live in POS ONE by June 20.


n Review the Gift Card Launch Packet, Retail Digest articles, and the POS ONE Gift Card New Function­ality Guide.

n Review the distribution list to identify which materials your Post Office will receive.

n Scan the Delivery Confirmation labels on all gift card shipments.

n When gift card displays, products, and signage arrive:

n Display the gift card counter display(s) between active retail windows.

n Display the gift card hanging display on the greet­ing card display (select locations).

n Display the gift card table tents on the writing tables and parcel slide.

n Display the gift card door cling.

n If you experience technical difficulties during the week of June 20, call the IT Help Desk at 800-877-7435.