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School’s Out — Time To Be on the Lookout for Children

With more children on the roads and sidewalks now that schools are closing for the summer, there’s a greater risk of motor vehicle accidents involving children. Employees should be more alert than ever for children playing on streets, in parking lots, and even in their own driveways.

Here are some tips:

n If there’s a ball rolling in the street, there’s likely to be a child following. Slow down and be prepared to stop quickly.

n Pay attention to the lone child walking along the street. Drivers are more likely to overlook a single youngster than several together.

n Be aware of children on roller skates, skateboards, or roller blades who often roll onto streets from alleys or driveways.

n Look out for bicyclists — especially young or new rid­ers. Give them plenty of room.

n If mail is out of sequence, carriers never should back up to redeliver a missed box. They should get out of the vehicle, secure it properly, and walk to the missed box if they can do so safely.

Also, carriers never should give mail to children while inside their vehicles. If children approach a vehicle, carriers should get out and ask the children to move away. Before resuming delivery, double-check the entire area surround­ing the vehicle.

Remember that children cannot judge speed or distance of vehicles moving toward them. They move quickly and can run into the street without warning. They don’t know safety rules and expect adults to watch out for them.