Answering Customers’ Questions About EDDM and EDDM Retail — Resources for Retail Employees

Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM) and EDDM Retail are generating questions from small business customers who want to try out these simplified addressing options that can be used in direct marketing campaigns using saturation mail.

Whenever possible, you should answer these questions in person to create the best customer experience. For help, you can refer to several resources on the Retail website, including the following:

n An EDDM poster (, which highlights the differences between EDDM (BMEU-entry) EDDM Retail (Post Office™ entry).

n Standard operating procedures (SOPs) on the Cus­tomer Services Operations and Retail website (

n Frequently asked questions on the Customer Ser­vices Operations and Retail website (

n Instructions for the EDDM Retail Shipment option that allows customers to send EDDM mailings to destinating facilities by Priority Mail® service (

n A sample of the postmaster’s letter that must be enclosed with EDDM retail shipments (

If you need more help finding answers, you also can contact your area or district’s Grow Your Business Days (GYBD) coordinator. For a directory of area and district GYBD coordinators who received special training on EDDM, visit

Also, customers can call the Small Business Support Center at 877-747-6249 with questions about EDDM. However, you should only refer customers who have ques­tions about EDDM or EDDM Retail. Support center employ­ees are not trained to handle comments or answer general inquiries about mail service.