Stamps by Mail — Brochure Ordering Information

This article publishes the Stamps by Mail® (SBM) print run cutoff schedule for fiscal year (FY) 12. Each date has a designation whether it is for the year-round (YR) brochure or the holiday (HOL) brochure. The FY 12 print cycle cut-off dates are as follows:

n September 23, 2011 (HOL).

n November 4, 2011 (YR).

n January 13, 2011 (YR).

n April 6, 2011 (YR).

n May 18, 2011 (YR).

n June 29, 2011 (YR).

n August 24, 2011 (HOL).

Starting with the June 25, 2010, print cycle, the English-only brochures have been replaced with bilingual (English and Spanish) brochures. All orders received from SBM sites by June 25 and thereafter will be provided bilingual brochures. There is no change in the price.

To order brochures, submit PS Form 3227-O, Stamps by Mail Brochure Order Form (April 2011), to Cyril-Scott Company:

Cyril Scott Company
PO Box 627
Lancaster, OH 43130-0627

Telephone: 800-466-0455

Fax: 740-689-0210

You can find this form at; click Forms, and then select the form by number. A copy of this form appears on page 56 in this Postal Bulletin.

The cost per unit of 500 is $12.00. This cost includes overprinting the address of the fulfillment office placing the order. You may pay for orders (under $10,000) with local IMPAC credit cards, checks, or money orders. However, Cyril-Scott Company cannot process the order until it receives payment. Local eBuy procedures may also apply (refer to local procurement procedures). Cyril-Scott Com­pany must receive orders placed by mail by close of busi­ness the day of the print run cut-off date listed here. Orders received after the cut-off date will be processed the next print run date.

All local Post Offices™ and centralized sites should fol­low the ordering instructions contained within this article and utilize local funds.

For Orders Exceeding $10,000

Use eBuy to process both centralized and decentralized brochure orders that exceed $10,000.00. In the Purchasing Method field, select “Route Req to Supply Mgmt,” then in the After Approval Route field, select “Eastern Services CMC (Memphis, TN).” Include completed PS Form 3227-O with imprint information with the eBuy order.

Note: These approved eBuy orders must be received by Supply Management at least 10 days prior to a published run cut-off date to be included in that run.

Cyril-Scott Company will deliver orders within 35 calendar days after printing. Printing begins 1 week after the deadline date, and actual receipt of the order will depend on the ultimate destination and the corresponding delivery service standard. You should save copies of all orders placed at your local Post Office until the order has been received. Ensure procedures are in effect locally for proper verification of receipt.