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Pick Your Language: View in Spanish or Simplified Chinese

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Did you know that Spanish and Chinese are the two most popular languages spoken in the U.S. after English? To reach this growing audience,® launched its multilingual option this Fall. Now our Spanish- and Chi­nese-speaking customers are able to use our Track & Confirm tool, look up ZIP Codes™, view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and get information on USPS® products and services in their native language.

Providing a multilingual option is one of the first steps in improving the customer experience and driving traffic to the website. There are plans to offer more translated con­tent and applications, as well as adding additional lan­guage options in the future.

To learn more, see the FAQs below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What language options are offered on

A. is available in Spanish and Simplified Chinese. More languages will be offered in the future.

Q. How do I select a language?

A. To select a language, hover over the drop-down lan­guage selection in the grey header in the top far left of the page. Each time you visit, the drop-down selection in the header will default to “English”. Select your preferred language to see the page dis­played in that language. You can change your lan­guage for that page and USPS browsing session by performing the same action.

Screen Shot - Drop down box - which language to pick

Q. What pages of the website are available to be viewed in Spanish and Simplified Chinese?

A. All product/service description pages as well as all FAQs, many advertisements, and applications like Look Up a ZIP Code™ and Track & Confirm are avail­able in Spanish and Simplified Chinese. Other appli­cations and content will be translated in future releases.